Brooklyn residents were still reeling Tuesday from heavy flooding that wreaked havoc during torrential downpours in the Big Apple a day earlier.

Amanda Denesha of Gowanus said she was forced to wade through waist-deep floodwaters donning sandals Monday evening as she made her way into her Carroll Street home where the rainwater was up to her ankles.

“It was dirt and water. It looked disgusting,” said Denesha. “It was going into the basement and going into my apartment.”

Denesha said she was “scared” for her dog and “just wanted to make sure he was okay and did not get electrocuted.”

She noted that the flooding “happened very quickly” and within forty minutes the waters had receded.

“We threw away our throw rug. We bleached the floors,” Denesha said.

Online videos showed floodwaters completely inundating the intersection of Carroll Street and Fourth Avenue Monday night with parked cars submerged.

Eunice Lee’s gray 2008 Toyota Prius that was parked in front of her apartment on 4th Avenue was one of the vehicle casualties.


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