This guy should just get an E-Z Pass.

A huge “8-point buck” belonging to a Staten Island group paid millions to perform deer vasectomies was spotted swimming across state lines Tuesday — in Newark Bay.

The splashing stag was caught on video paddling within sight of docked cargo ships in the waters off of Bayonne, New Jersey.

“It swam from Staten Island,” said Bayonne Office of Emergency Management coordinator Edoardo “Junior” Ferrante.  “He didn’t pay the toll, either, from my understanding.”

Ferrante said the buck had tags on its ears that showed it belonged to White Buffalo Inc. — a Staten Island group that last year was given a $4.1 million contract by New York City to control deer populations though the snipping of stags.

Ferrante said that sighting a buck in Bayonne is “very rare” and might happen “once every couple years.”

In addition to the swim, the stag was spotted multiple times across downtown Bayonne before making its way to Newark Bay.

“He launched himself into the bay,” Ferrante said.

Footage of the buck shows its head and antlers gliding above the water with the majestic backdrop of hundreds of shipping containers.

After about an hour in the water, the deer swam back to land at 16th Street Park, according to

The deer then scampered off and hasn’t been seen since.

“We lost him last night. We’re hoping he makes his way back home,” Ferrante added. “We’re not used to having bucks around Bayonne.”

White Buffalo, the organization that Ferrante said the deer came from, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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