Apple MacBook owner who put up with an ‘extremely annoying’ ant crawling BEHIND his screen for five months now fears losing all his work after it finally dies

  • Digital agency director bought £5,000 Apple MacBook earlier this year
  • But soon after purchase, he spotted an ant crawling around inside the screen
  • He fears the creature may damage the computer, but cannot run firm without it 

A businessman who had an ant living in his computer screen fears the insect could affect his business.

Ian Ossia, of Leeds, saw the creature marching around inside the monitor of his Apple MacBook Pro after he bought it for £5,000 in March.

He says he is concerned the insect may have done damage to the machine, but does not want to take it in for repairs because he needs the computer every day.

A company director is angry after an ant we seen living inside the screen of his Apple MacBook

Mr Ossia, 46, first spotted the ant crawling around inside the screen two months after he bought the machine, but believes it has been there since it was manufactured.

The digital agency boss said: ‘I noticed something behind the glass that looked like it was crawling across the screen. I tried to flick it off but it wasn’t on the screen, it was behind it.

‘It’s there all the time. It’s extremely annoying. I guess I’ll have to get used to it but it’s extremely off-putting. I now think it has died – it’s stopped moving.

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‘I don’t know what it has been eating for five months but it could have been nibbling the cables and causing internal damage.

‘I have had many computers and have been using them since aged eight but I’ve never known anything like this.

‘I worry there’s more in there that are eating wires. It’s an expensive Apple MacBook Pro that cost £5,000 and the contents of the hard drive are very valuable to me – there’s thousands of pounds worth of software and setup.’

He says he cannot take the machine in for repairs because he needs it every day for his business

He spoke to Apple about the issue and was told to take the computer into one of their stores. But after a previous experience in which a machine spent a long time being repaired, he is reluctant to use the machine, which is central to his business.

He added: ‘Apple has told me to take it to the Apple Store but I can’t afford to lose it as I use it every day for work.

‘I couldn’t be less happy with Apple. It’s quite frustrating and extremely distracting while I’m trying to work.

Apple stated that customers who experience problems with their Apple products should contact Apple Care.


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