The family feud between Buzz Aldrin and two of his children is still raging on at the moment, as court documents reportedly detail mental health examinations that back up the children’s earlier claim the Apollo 11 astronaut is suffering from dementia.

A report from The Blast cited court documents it supposedly obtained, which suggest that on July 13, Andrew and Janice Aldrin presented the results of multiple mental health evaluations performed on their father by separate healthcare professionals. These test results are part of a guardianship case Andrew and Janice filed against their 88-year-old father, where they petitioned for control of his finances due to his alleged bouts with memory loss and confusion.

As further noted in The Blast’s report, the guardianship case filed by Buzz Aldrin’s children automatically appointed a committee of healthcare workers to determine whether the former astronaut is indeed having difficulty taking care of himself and in need of guardianship. While the documents Andrew and Janice Aldrin filed were sealed for confidentiality purposes, they reportedly asked the court to review the medical findings stated in the reports and apply them to a separate case, where Buzz sued the two of them and specifically accused Andrew of allegedly “misusing” his credit cards and conducting unauthorized fund transfers.

“The amounts are unknown in amount but substantial, potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars,” the lawsuit claimed, as quoted by Motherboard last month.

The aforementioned lawsuit Buzz Aldrin filed against his children Andrew and Janice and his former business manager Christina Korp also accuses them of slander, as they had made numerous claims challenging his mental competency. These include allegations that the retired NASA astronaut suffers from memory loss, confusion, delusions, and paranoia, and that these are a result of his “dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease.”

In addition to the above allegations, Aldrin has also accused his children of not allowing him to get married and undermining his “personal romantic relationships,” according to Motherboard.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a recent medical test performed on Buzz Aldrin disputed his children’s claim that their father might be in “cognitive decline” and might be in need of guardianship. In April 2018, UCLA Medical School professor Dr. James Spar conducted a voluntary evaluation on the former astronaut and found that he is “cognitively intact” and still capable of making his own decisions. This was backed up by a statement from Aldrin, where he claimed “nobody [will] come close to thinking” he cannot properly manage his finances and personal affairs.

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