UK drivers have been warned about a new law around towing caravans and trailers that could come into effect within weeks.

But how will the new rules change for people wanting to drive a caravan or a trailer?

Do I need to take a specialist test to tow a caravan or trailer?

The new rules would allow drivers who passed their test after January 1, 1997, to tow heavy loads without taking a specialist test first.

Currently, some drivers are required to take a driving test to tow a trailer, depending on the size of their car, how heavy the load is and when you got they got their licence.

But if given the green light, the new rule change will mean anyone can start pulling trailers weighing up to 3,500kg maximum authorised mass (MAM) without training, experience or supervision.

The DVLA would update driving licences automatically to reflect the change.

That means if you currently have a license, you'd get a category BE added when you next update your photocard.

Can I be fined if I do not take the specialist test?

The government says that even though special licenses will no longer be compulsory, it still makes sense to have proper training.

But as they will no longer be compulsory, there's no information yet to suggest you will be fined for not taking it.

According to Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at The Automobile Association said: "The Government's intention is to create a non-compulsory course which people can opt to take, but doing so may lead to cheaper insurance."

Will my insurance cover me if I am towing a caravan or trailer?

If you're thinking about driving a caravan or trailer, you should check you are covered by your insurance policy.

Typically drivers don't need specialist cover, but it may be worth informing your provider if you're planning to use a caravan or trailer.

An ABI spokesperson said: “Providing you have the minimum third-party liability motor insurance, there is no additional legal insurance requirement for towing a trailer.

"You should check your motor insurance policy to see if you need to inform your insurer if planning to tow a trailer or a caravan. And of course, all drivers should be confident in towing a trailer, and drive with extra care.”

You may also want to consider bespoke insurance to ensure your caravan is covered in case of damage.

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