Can you spot the birds in this picture? Two perfectly-camouflaged animals are hiding in plain sight in this photo of a tree branch

  • A man from New South Wales has taken a typical picture of the Australian bush 
  • But hiding in the foliage are two Tawny Frogmouths completely concealed  
  • The photo was shared to Reddit and quickly went viral once people found them

This looks like a typical photograph of the Australian bush.

The trees are arching over an abundance of green foliage, flowers are springing into bloom and the autumn sky is covered by a light layer of clouds. 

But not all is as it seems. 

A couple of Tawny Frogmouth birds have hidden themselves in plain sight after camouflaging themselves near the tree branch.

A man from New South Wales has taken a typical picture of the Australian bush but hiding in the bushes are two Tawny Frogmouths

The photo was shared to Reddit by a man who said he regularly saw the birds while walking through his property in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.  

‘We often spot this couple in various trees around the property,’ he wrote.

The picture quickly went viral with people from all over Australia trying to work out how many birds were hiding in the picture.    

‘Just one. It has its head looking upwards to appear like a branch,’ one person wrote, before spotting a second pair of eyes and finding the second bird.

‘Good thing is it’s the internet and I can’t be wrong,’ they added. 

Tawny Frogmouths are often mistaken for owls as they are nocturnal and look very similar.   

Many Reddit users joked about their ability to camouflage in the wilderness or shared their own sightings 

The photo was shared to Reddit and quickly went viral with people sharing their own sightings of the bird 

The unique birds are found across Australia and are known for their incredible ability to perch on tree branches and blend in with their surroundings.

Many users pointed that that despite the bird being quite common, it was rare to see them. 

‘Quite common but, unsurprisingly most people have never seen one. (Or two)’ another added. 

‘First time I saw one of these things I lost my mind, I didn’t know they existed. It was like a whole new type of bird-head. I didn’t know bird-heads could look like that.’    

‘Love them, we had a family that had two babies a couple of metres from our deck. Made me really happy to go out and say hello every morning and see them every time I got home,’ wrote another. 





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