Hilarious footage shows the moment the tube goer fearlessly unleashes a whopping pair of lungs on the Metropolitan Line.

As Londoners sat on the Uxbridge-bound train, the performer let go of his inhibitions to perform his rendition of the rock hit.

One passenger can be seen tapping their foot while another holds her head in her hands.

At one point the singer appears to sneeze, temporarily disrupting the show. But it doesn't deter him for long and he continues to wail as the tube pulls into Finchley Road station.

He even continues as the song enters the instrumental stage.

The video was posted to a Facebook group dedicated to broadcasting the daily antics of Londoners.

Some social media users claimed they recognised the "soulful" singer, saying they had seen him at various station around the capital.

More than 1,000 people 'reacted' to the post, which has been shared hundreds of times.

User Elle Boogie commented: "This is the best thing I’ve seen on here in the longest while!"

"Brilliant! What a pair of lungs he’s got!," another said.

Some even said he should audition for Britain's Got Talent or The X Factor. But others were less kind about the commuting entertainment.

Matthew Jones wrote: "Would be alright if he actually had a good voice".

One said the singer was an "attention seeker".


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