How do you make edam good sandwich? Britons vote CHEESE as the nation’s favourite filling

  • Cheese beat off competition from ham and cheese, ham salad and sausage 
  • Britons were said to be consuming an average of four sandwiches per week  
  • 82 per cent of Brits said sandwiches were their favourite lunchtime meal 

It will come as no surprise to those who think Gouda’s as good as it gets – a survey has found Britons think cheese is the best thing in sliced bread.

Cheese – with no condiments or salad – was chosen by more than half of adults as the best sandwich filling.

Second in the survey of 2,000 adults was ham and cheese, followed by ham salad, with a sausage sandwich in fourth spot.

Others to make the top ten included egg and cress, and tuna mayonnaise.

A cheesemaker in Holland smells a wedge of Gouda – one of the nation’s most famous exports

The survey for Warburtons also found that we will eat an average of four sandwiches a week, with 82 per cent naming it their favourite lunchtime meal.

The survey tackled other areas of sandwich contention, with seven in ten saying that crusts should be left on a sandwich, and three in ten choosing to cut theirs diagonally before serving.

The poll also found that, when eating out, the top fillings were ploughman’s, club and BLT.

A Warburtons spokesman said: ‘With so much choice these days, it’s interesting to see such a classic retain its crown.’

The survey, carried out by baking giants Warburtons, found we eat an average of four sandwiches a week

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