Food writer is shocked to be billed for £1.50 ‘parmesan supplement’ for having cheese grated on her tagliatelle at trendy Italian restaurant

  • Chef Rosie French charged £1.50 parmesan ‘supplement’ at Ombra in Hackney
  • Charge was not mentioned during ‘awkward, painfully slow, grating’ chef says
  • Ombra chef Mitshel Ibrahim defends fee over cost of 36-month-old parmesan

Rosie French was stunned to see she had been charged for ‘awkward, painfully slow, grating’ of parmesan on her pasta

A stunned food writer shared her horror on social media after studying a restaurant bill to find she had been charged for a waitress to grate parmesan on her pasta.

Rosie French, who is also a chef, was left gobsmacked when she was handed her £50 bill at Ombra in Hackney, East London.

In a first ever for the chef, she had been charged £1.50 for a couple of twists of cheese – under the misspelled heading ‘parmisan supplement’.

She asked famous food critic Jay Rayner on Twitter, what he thought of her being charged extra for the cheese.

She said: ‘Any thoughts on this ‘parmisan supplement’ @jayrayner1?

‘Wasn’t mentioned to us during the awkward, painfully slow, grating at the table. Would have let her carry on had we known!’

Rosie French said it was never explained to her she would be paying £1.50 to have cheese grated on her £12 bowl of pasta 

Social media users were outraged and called for a boycott of the restaurant.

One person asked: ‘What next an extra charge for salt and pepper?’

However, the head chef hit back saying the cheese is priced on the menu.

Twitter users were shocked at the parmesan charge which was added to a £50 restaurant bill in Hackney, London

Chef Mitchel Ibrahim replied to the chef explaining the cost of the parmesan to the restaurant and attempted to justify the fee

Famous food critic Jay Rayner responded to the tweet asking for the details of the restaurant which charges a £1.50 parmesan supplement fee

He attempted to justify the charge by explaining the value of the grated cheese.

Mitshel Ibrahim said the 36-month aged parmesan costs £22 a kilo.

He said: ‘It is written on the menu.

‘It’s like asking for more gin in a cocktail — surely you wouldn’t expect that for free?’ 


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