After being forced to have sex with adults, witnessing prostitution, and experiencing extreme violence as a child, Christina Babin managed to survive the Children of God cult — read her harrowing story here.

Christina Babin, 43, grew up in a sex cult — the same organization that Rose McGowan, 44, escaped with her father and siblings when she was 9 years old. But while Rose got out at a relatively early age, Christina was stuck living a nightmare until she was 21 years old. During all that time in the Children of God cult, and especially during her childhood, Christina was raped and “violated” many times. She was also witness to abuse, brainwashing, and sexual slavery.

This cult that Christina and her family belonged to, was a warped world created in 1968 by pedophile David Brandt Berg, and revolved around prostitution, violence, and exorcism. Cult members lived together, and sexual contact between adults and children was allowed as soon as kids turned 11 or 12, which is when Christina was first introduced to sex. She was 11 years old at the time, and she was forced to have sex with a married couple. After the assault, she was relieved but felt overwhelming guilt that she did not like it.

“That’s how much control and ­coercion there was. We were told that sex was a good thing and that we should enjoy it,” Christina explained to the The Mirror. “Afterwards I heard the man say ‘that just felt so wrong.’ I’m not ­diminishing what this couple did in any way, but they were clearly brainwashed too.” Christina added, “I was so confused as to why I didn’t enjoy what happened. I couldn’t ­understand why it hadn’t been the amazing thing I was told it would be.”

Christina, who’s now a mother of four, was just a baby when her mother was drawn to the cult’s lifestyle. She and her mother, along with her 2-year-old brother, began living in one of the cult’s communes, which held up to 20 other families. When she was 8, “Moses David” introduced his “Law of Love,” which allowed men to sleep with anyone they wanted — including children. Women and girls over 10 were then forced to lure more men into the cult using a technique called “flirty fishing,” but Christina clarifies was really prostitution.

She ended up escaping at age 21 when her husband introduced him to his family. “There I saw them sit and eat, laugh and hug. I remember watching them, waiting for the beatings to start, but they never did,” she told Marie Claire UK. “Six months later, on our next visit, I made the decision never to return to the Church of God.” Today, Christina cherishes her freedom and is determined to raise strong, independent children.

“My family live normal lives. I’m angry about the years I spent in captivity, but have carved out a bright future,” she said. “My revenge has been to raise intelligent, independent kids. Through my book, I’m hoping to tell victims that they don’t have to be defined by what’s happened to them. My life filled with joy, hope and love. I am a survivor.”

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