MADELEINE McCann suspect Christian B was filmed behind the wheel of a VW campervan he 'converted to hide kids' just weeks before the three-year-old went missing in 2007.

The campervan has become a crucial piece of evidence in the missing toddler case after witnesses claimed they saw the vehicle close to where Madeleine was snatched in Praia da Luz.

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In newly unearthed footage the paedophile, 43, can be seen laughing as he is filmed by three German travellers he had offered to drive from Portugal to Spain.

In the video obtained by the Mail Online, Christian B can be seen wearing a white sweatshirt and black necklace, joking around while looking at a map in the back of the distinctive rusting campervan.

The eery clip then shows the interior of the van as the suspect appears to be in good spirits after it emerged that he may have altered the vehicle to 'hide children'.

One man in the film, known only as Tomas, said he was horrified when he realised the man who had given him a lift in the camper 13 years ago was the main suspect in the disappearance of the young British girl.

He told the Mail Online: "It makes me sick to think that the little girl could have been taken away in the same van a month later.

The video, dating back to March 30 2007, was taken just five weeks before Madeleine went missing from the holiday apartment, sparking one of the biggest missing persons cases in recent history.

Tomas added: "He seemed like any other ordinary young man. He was cheerful and joked a lot and happy to give us a ride in his VW van.

"He didn't mind us filming him and taking his pictures. He was happy to pose and must have known we could never suspect what a terrible man he really was.

"It is scary to know now that he was a rapist of an elderly woman and targeted children. We couldn't have known that he was such a monster in truth.

"Of course, we don't know if he took Maddie who the police say is dead. That is all up to the detectives to prove. But he is their main suspect and now they are digging the ground where he lived near Hanover.

"They are serious about him."

Christian B once boasted he could have used his VW campervan to transport children.

Dein Ghafou, who owned a garage complex in Hanover near Christian B's former home, told how he was visited by police investigating Madeleine’s disappearance.

“I told them he had been working on a ­Volkswagen Camper here and he would lift the roof up and then make it smaller again," he told the Mirror.

“He was always cutting the roof, raising it and then lowering it. He came and went here.

“We really didn’t notice, we didn’t realise he was a complete ­criminal. If we had known he was like that we would not let him come and go so often.

“He said he had lived in Portugal at some point but I was not interested and did not ask him any more.”


It comes after German cops unearthed a hidden cellar at an allotment in Hanover, previously used by the main suspect.

Neighbours of Christian B said he lived in the VW LT camper van at the allotment in 2006 and 2007.

"He had two dogs with him and a VW LT transporter," a pensioner told Bild.

Police officers and forensics teams used dogs, diggers, and underground radar equipment to search the plot.

According to the Telegraph, a person present at the scene said: "The sniffer dogs were barking quite a lot in the morning", as cops removed a cement block from the entrance to the cellar.

Officers are then said to have led the sniffer dog into the underground lair where it barked on entering after picking up on what could be potential evidence, it has been revealed.

Pictures showed two skips full of concrete blocks as well as a bucket and other objects being removed from the site.

Blue bags filled with items taken from the site were also removed, though cops declined to say what was in them.

Neighbours have described how Christian B spent time living in a hut at the site as well as in a caravan parked nearby.

The structure was reportedly demolished shortly after he left the site in 2007 or 2008, with no outward sign remaining of a "cellar" contained in its concrete base.

There has also been speculation that police will soon launch a search of another allotment kept by Christian B in the city of Braunschweig, around 45 miles east of Hanover.

Panicked neighbours of Madeleine McCann suspect told the Sun Online that they feared another missing girl dubbed the 'German Maddie' could be buried in a cellar on land he once owned.

Christain B was has now been linked to the case

The current owner of the home in Braunschweig is reportedly sleeping outside after telling a neighbour she fears she's been living above the little girl's body.

Christian B, 43, was quizzed but never charged after five-year-old Inga Gehricke vanished from a nearby forest during a family barbecue.

The current tenant of the home in Braunschweig, tour guide Sabina Sellag, is said to be in “such a panic” that she has been sleeping outside

Her friend Thomas Tager told The Sun: “She is terrified.

“She has begged police to come with search dogs. She said to me ‘I’m worried I am sleeping on a dead body’.”

A neighbour, who did not wish to be named, told the Mirror: “She is convinced Inga is under there. That cellar was built by a previous tenant.

"Christian B removed the floorboards and jumped into it.

"There was loads of rubbish inside and he added to it. The new tenant is in such a panic.

"She has spent a week sleeping outside.

"It is strange there is a cellar as they are forbidden in gardens. He was a small-time criminal.”

Now locals in Braunschweig want a similar search of a small garden house where he lived from 2013 to 2016.

They claim he lifted floorboards to access a 20ft cellar there and fear he may have hidden Inga's body there.

Christian B, now 43, lived on site there between 2013 and 2016 and was often seen with his then-girlfriend.

A neighbour at the Braunschweig allotment also revealed that Breuckner got in trouble with the garden bosses for illegally digging a cellar in the bottom of the house. 

Manfred Richter, 80, said: “He excavated and dug out the bottom of the floor of the house and took out all the stone three meters deep.

"He dug a big hole and three by six meters wide. He carried all the stones and rocks out to the front of the house and left a huge mound of it in the garden.

"He put planks of wood over the top of the hole. It took him nearly two months to do this.

"He worked first thing in the morning and stopped last thing at night."

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