A CHINESE fixer allegedly ordered by Beijing to “groom” western elites has met the Queen and Prince Charles.

Zhirong Hu, 48, the head of the state-controlled 'Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries', has also been photographed with five UK Prime Ministers.

However, new pictures show Mr Hu alongside Her Majesty in June last year at Royal Ascot where he allegedly spent time in the royal box.

Other shocking images show the alleged Communist Party operative photographed with heirs to the throne Prince Charles and Prince William as well as Prince Harry.

One month after meeting the Queen, Mr Hu was pictured being presented with a certificate by the Prince of Wales.

The 48-year-old also welcomed the monarch's grandson Peter Phillips and delegation to Beijing where he said the royal “had ‘expressed his willingness to strengthen exchanges between the Chinese and English.”


He was pictured posing under a banner which read “Peter Phillips and the delegations," reports the Daily Mail.

Mr Phillips last night responded by saying he had met Mr Hu during an “informal lunch” after being invited to a powerboat race in China.

He told the Mail: “I don’t vet the guests who are invited to these things. People are introduced and you say hello.

“Every time you go to China they present you with something. That’s part of the culture. You go to these things and you are polite.”

A source close to The Queen said: “The Queen meets many people at Royal Ascot, and any photo should not be taken as a sign of friendship or depth of acquaintance.”

A spokesman for Mr Phillips said: “Peter Phillips has no knowledge of Mr Hu’s activities or of his links to CPAFFC as you have stated.”

Prince William's source confirmed that he met Mr Hu last year at a garden party but that he meets a huge number of people at such events.

Representatives for Charles and Harry did not respond to requests for comment.

It has been claimed that the organisation which Mr Hu is the director of has a mission to groom “business, political and media leaders in countries around the world”.

He has also met with current PM Boris Johnson as well as Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, pictures show.

A new book titled Hidden Hand makes the bombshell claims that China is recruiting “useful idiots” to push its agenda in the West.

The claims were included in a dossier compiled with the help of an ex-MI6 spook.

This comes as the UK is poised to ban Chinese phone company Huawei from its involvement in our 5G network this week.

According to the Mail, Mr Johnson, Mrs May and Mr Blair said they were merely posing for pictures at events and did not know Hu.

A source close to Gordon Brown said he did know Mr Hu either while former Tory leader Mr Cameron declined to comment.

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