Has he been given detention to work on his lines? Contractor is ridiculed for misspelling ‘school’ on road outside a primary

  • Council-hired staff painted ‘SOHOOL’ in front of Woodslee Primary in the Wirral
  • Woodslee’s Headteacher Susannah McShane added: ‘Every day is a school day’
  • The contractors were called back to the school paint over their unfortunate error

A contractor has been ridiculed after they misspelled the word ‘school’ in large yellow paint on a road outside a primary school.

Setting a fine example to the children learning inside, council-hired staff painted ‘SOHOOL’ in front of the entrance to Woodslee Primary in Bromborough, Wirral.

Schoolboy error: Contractors misspelled the word ‘school’ outside of Woodslee Primary 


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The contractors were called back to the school paint over their error – and could have done with a quick class on rudimentary spelling while they were there, reports the Wirral Globe.

A spokesperson for Wirral Council said it hoped teachers had given the workers ‘a detention to work on his lines’.

They added the contractor had been awarded ‘top marks’ for correcting its mistake on the same day.

The amusing mistake was corrected the same day as the council said it hoped the worker had been given ‘a detention to work on his lines’

Headteacher Susannah McShane said: ‘Every day is a school day. Road markers were called back to Woodslee Primary on Thursday to correct an epic mistake.

‘We embraced this mistake as an opportunity for learning which is exactly what we established as the school’s mission and vision on.’

The correction was made after people took to social media to highlight the hilariously shoddy work, telling contractors: ‘you had one job’.

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