A TEXAS cop who was fired after allegedly feeding a homeless man a poop sandwich has failed to get his job back.

Matthew Luckhurst, a former bike patrol officer with the San Antonio Police Department, was fired in 2016 after an internal investigation found he tried to give the man the sandwich.

Luckhurst, who had been on the force for five years, told a fellow officer that year that he picked up the dog feces, placed it on bread, and put it inside a container of a “half-eaten meal” provided by a local homeless advocacy group.

Luckhurst later claimed he did it so the homeless man could throw it away, not actually eat it.

Fellow officers reported Luckhurst’s apparent act to supervisors, and the police chief at the time said Luckhurt committed a “vile and disgusting act.”

In 2019, Luckhurst’s firing was overturned by an arbitrator who argued the cop’s firing was not issued within 180 days of the incident.

Officers reported the dog feces incident happened on May 6, 2016, while Luckhurst was on bicycle patrol — but he wasn’t notified of his indefinite suspension until October 28, 2016.

An arbitrator voided Luckhurst’s dismissal, citing uncertain timing and a lack of evidence that it happened at all.

Luckhurst remained off the job while appealing a separate indefinite suspension that also involved feces.

The officer and another cop had apparently bragged about defecating in a women’s toilet, not flushing, and then smearing “brown substances” all over the restroom.

Earlier this year, a city attorney alleged that Luckhurst "harassed, intimated, and degraded female officers" with his prank.

Luckhurst took full responsibility for the second prank, and said during an arbitration hearing: "In hindsight, it was immature.”

He said the prank was just a "joke" and insisted that the second officer charged with participating in the prank was not responsible.

Luckhurst also said that he did not smear what he alleged was a coffee product on the toilet seat, but that he had placed small bits of the product on the surface which melted later on.

The former officer appealed both of the firings, and sought to be reinstated — with benefits and back pay.

But the city of San Antonio announced on Friday that despite appeals, Luckhurst wouldn’t be getting his job back.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, an independent arbitrator the former cop’s dismissal given the nature of his conduct.

The news outlet has reported that “under the city’s contract with the police union, Luckhurst can still appeal the arbitrator’s decision to a state district judge.”

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