The coronavirus’ toll on New York soared to frightening new heights on Monday, including a spike of more than 250 deaths, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

A total of 1,218 New Yorkers have now been lost to the contagion, up 253 from the 965 reported by Cuomo on Sunday afternoon.

“The situation is painfully clear now,” said Cuomo. “There’s no question as to the grief and the loss of life.”

The number of state diagnoses also rose to 66,497 on Monday, surging from the 59,513 tallied the day before.

Cuomo spoke from Manhattan’s Javits Center, which he said would start receiving “a few” patients on Monday following feverish efforts to convert it to a makeshift federal hospital.

In one thin ray of hope, Cuomo noted that while cases continue to rise, the rate at which they are doubling has slowed to every six days, after standing less than two weeks ago at every two days.

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