According to arrest warrants filed by Oak Ridge police and reviewed by local press, Paxton was allegedly chained to a bed in the home and shackled with a dog collar, her arms bound with zip ties. Finnegan and Dishman allegedly used baseball bats to beat Paxton so she wouldn't resist or try to escape, and they also allegedly denied her medical care and food. They also allegedly raped Paxton before strangling her to death.

Finnegan and Dishman allegedly admitted to cutting off Paxton's body parts, breaking ligaments and bones to make her body fit into a freezer, according to the arrest warrants. Finnegan allegedly moved the body under his bed once he realized Paxton's death would be investigated.

In an attempt to hide evidence of the alleged murder, Dishman allegedly used “bleach and a Swiffer” in the living room, bedroom and bathroom to clean up the blood.

Finnegan and Dishman allegedly confessed to the crimes.

Neither of the defendants' attorneys could be reached for comment Monday.

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