Couple, both 74, die from coronavirus within a day of each other after being married for 57 years

  • Maureen and Vic Sharp married aged 17 and celebrated their 57th anniversary
  • Mr Sharp, a retired miner, had a tumour on his lung and his wife had COPD
  • The couple were taken to the Victoria Hospital in Dunfermline, Fife
  • Mrs Sharp died on April 8 and her husband died in the same hospital on April 9
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A couple who were married for 57 years died of Coronavirus within a day of each other.

Maureen Sharp and husband William, known to friends as Vic, both aged 74, were taken to hospital on April 5 but died the following week.

The couple wed aged just 17 years old, and celebrated 57 years of marriage on New Year’s Eve.

William ‘Vic’ Sharp, left and  his wife Maureen, right, both aged 74, celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve. The couple from Dunfermline, Fife died within 24 hours of each other of Covid-19 at the Victoria Hospital

Mr and Mrs Sharp, pictured on their wedding day in 1963, were both aged 17 when they married. The couple had two daughters and four grandchildren 

They had two daughters, and four grandchildren.

Mr Sharp, who was a retired miner, had a tumour in one of his lungs but as it was not growing, chemotherapy had been stopped and he had been due back in hospital this month for a check-up.

Mrs Sharp had ‘slight’ chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), her family believes.

A GP visited on April 2, and found Mr Sharp couldn’t speak but attributed it to a chest infection.

Their daughter, Yvonne, 53, said: ‘Dad hadn’t been feeling well for about a week, Mum was quicker within a couple of days.

‘They got taken to hospital on Sunday and mum died on April 8 and dad died on April 9, less 24 hrs apart.

‘Dad didn’t have a fever when the ambulance came, Mum did.

‘The doctor was in a few days before and said it was a chest infection.

‘Dad couldn’t speak for a couple of days, and Mum had a sore back and fatigue.

‘They were great people and very family-orientated.

‘They always looked after my sister Linda and I.

‘We can’t even physically comfort each other right now.

‘This is just the worst thing ever.

‘After this is all done we’ve decided that we’re going to have something at the cemetery again and then a big celebration after for them both.

‘They don’t deserve just six people at their funeral.

‘They deserve better than that.

‘I feel that the community is in shock right now.

‘I never thought it would be my own mum and dad.

‘This shows that this virus can happen to anyone.’

Mrs Sharp died on April 8, and her husband died the following day, both at the Victoria Hospital in Dunfermline, Fife.

The couple lived in nearby village, Oakley.

Mr Sharp was a life-long Oakley United supporter, and the club paid tribute to him.

A committee member said: ‘It’s very, very sad.

‘The football club is gutted that this has happened to both him and his wife.

‘It’s a tragic loss.

‘We are heartbroken that we’ll never see Vic at any of our matches again.

‘When it happens to someone you know in the village, it really sends the message home that it can happen to anyone.

‘Everyone at the club would like to express their sympathies to the family right now.’

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