Mesmerizing — and terrifying — timelapse video shows a wall of lava crawling across a Hawaii road and swallowing up a parked car.

The 30-second footage, taken by Brandon Clement, 38, captures the creeping mound of molten rock from the Kilauea volcano, advancing toward a white Ford Mustang in the Leilani Estates neighborhood Sunday.

As the lava approaches it, the car bursts into flames and is then consumed entirely.

“It looked like the movie “Blob” — but on fire,” the Mississippi photographer, who caught the phenomenon using his dashcam camera, told CNN.

Clement said it took about 10 minutes for the wall of molten rock to travel the 20 feet across the street, before continuing to flow down the road.

“I’m pretty sure it destroyed a couple houses,” he said.

Kilauea, which erupted last Thursday, has wiped out 35 homes and buildings so far and forced 1,700 people to evacuate from Lanipuna Gardens and Leilani Estates.

When Clement returned to a deserted block in Leilani Estates — 12 miles from the volcano — Monday, he said he saw 10 to 12 foot high piles of red hot rocks and a telephone pole on fire.

He’s chased blizzards, nor’easters, wildfires and hurricanes, but described his first volcanic eruption as, “Insanity.”

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