Stricken cruise ship is FLOODED after setting off from Southampton and being hit by rough seas – and is forced to make emergency detour to Spain to have water pumped out

  • Terrified passengers were kept in the dark after ‘loud bang’ in the Atlantic ocean
  • They awoke to find they had docked in Vigo, Spain after a ‘minor’ situation 
  • The rough water meant their tour of the Canary Islands was cut short
  • Passengers have been offered 25 per cent off their next cruise  

Passengers were left terrified on rough seas as a ‘loud bang’ rang out and their cruise ship began taking on tonnes of water in the Atlantic ocean. 

The Royal Caribbean vessel left Southampton on October 26 for a 10-night tour of the Canaries but was forced to make an emergency stop at the nearest port in Vigo, North West Spain on Sunday.

According to those on board the crew managed to make a temporary repair until it arrived at port and were forced to close off part of the boat.

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A repair boat is pulled up beside the cruise ship after it began taking on water in the early hours of Sunday morning

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Paul Edwards, 49, who was travelling with his wife, two children and two friends says they were kept in the dark about the damage which they were told was a ‘small technically difficulty’. 

Mr Edwards, from Worcester, said: ‘The sea had been very rough during the day but were woken by a loud bang in the early hours of Sunday morning and eventually went back to sleep.

‘When we woke the next day and opened out curtains we suddenly realised that we had docked at the port in Vigo, which we weren’t due to arrive at until November 3.

‘We were told it was a small technical problem with the stabilizer and that we would be updated by 6pm that evening.’

But Mr Edwards said they started seeing divers going under the ship and realised ‘something more serious had happened.’

The pool had to be closed and drained because of the rough weather in the Atlantic ocean

The cruise ship can be seen docked beside a repair platform pumping water out of its hull

Navigator of the Seas is seen setting off from Southampton during a previous voyage

Mr Edwards said: ‘A large part of the ship had taken on water and they were forced to close part of it to passengers.

‘We were then told that we would be sailing again at 2pm on Monday but this had already cut our holiday short.

‘We were only able to spend half a day in the Canary Islands and Tenerife, only visiting two out the five or six places we should have visited.

‘We have massively lost out and not to mention my son was frightened to go to sleep as he thought the ship could sink at any time.

‘We paid £1,200 each for the trip and the compensation for this is just not good enough.’ 

The company director claims Royal Caribbean International offered them 25 per cent of what they paid for their £7,200 holiday as on board credit and a further 25 per cent off a future cruise – despite the traumatic experience. 

Royal Caribbean provided a vague statement which described a ‘minor technical situation’

The ship is back on the water but all the pools have been closed due to inclement weather

The vessel, which was following the Sunshine in the Canaries cruise route, was due to end its trip in Vigo as a final call before heading back to the UK.

But the emergency meant staff were forced to dock at Vigo early, changing the interary to miss out other locations.

Mr Edwards added: ‘It was meant to be an exciting family holiday and I flew my two friends out from Corfu to enjoy their first cruise with us.

‘The queues at the customer service desk are huge because so many people are complaining.

Repair boats can be seen moored against the massive cruise ship as she receives repairs 

‘We are now sailing again but all the pools are closed due to the weather and we are just sitting and waiting.

‘No extra entertainment has been provided by staff and no better compensation has been offered.

‘We will only get half of our holiday before sailing for four nights back to the UK.

‘We often go on cruises and we have always thought highly of the company but what we have been offered is just an insult.’

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