A FATHER forced his children to stand outside in the cold and watch as he doused their mother in gasoline and set her on fire.

Wisconsin mom Savanna Bailey, 23, was burned from the waist up by the father of her two young daughters, according to family members.

The horrific attack took place early on Valentine’s Day inside Savanna's home near 8th and Cherry streets in Milwaukee.

Savanna's mother, Wanda Bailey, told WISN that police arrived at her home with the two young girls.

Ms Bailey revealed her 4-year granddaughter told police exactly what happened – in heart breaking simplicity.

Ms Bailey explained: "I said Cerenity, who burnt the house up? Who did you say burnt the house up?”

The young girl answered: "My daddy did.”

According to Wanda Bailey, the man put the two girls outside in the -19 degree wind chill, then went back inside to attack their mother.

Ms Bailey added: "The baby didn't have no clothes on, no shoes. Cerenity just had (a t-shirt and underwear) on and no shoes.”

Cerenity, 4, and Cemaya, 1, were not physically harmed.

Police later found and arrested a 26-year-old man in relation to the crime.

They are not releasing his name.

A friend of the young mother wrote of the horrific incident on social media, describing the attacker as “a sorry son of a b***.”

She added: Prayers to [Savanna] beautiful… you didn’t deserve anything that every happened no matter how you feel… you didn’t do s*** to deserve this."

Savanna Bailey, who has burns on 60% of her body, is sedated at a local hospital.

Her family said she will likely need multiple operations and will be in the hospital for the next two to three months.

Savanna Bailey's sister and mother told WISN that the man who did this has always been abusive and controlling.

Sharissa Johnson, Savanna’s younger sister said: “I’m at a loss for words. She doesn’t look like herself, but I know that’s my sister.”

Ms Johnson suggested the attack occurred when man discovered the young mother had been on a date.

She said: “[Savanna got] her hair done and I feel like this is why he did that, because she moved on and she found somebody new.”

Ms Bailey added: “How my daughter is suffering, I want him to suffer. He was out of order. He should have been out they life a long time ago.”

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