A GRIEVING dad whose daughter was killed by a millionaire during an S&M session has said he is “devastated” at learning of his imminent release.

Natalie Connolly, 26, was killed by thug John Broadhurst, 43, dared to claim his victim consented to violent sex and is now due to be freed from prison after less than two years.


His pathetic rough sex excuse finally led to the legal defence being outlawed this month.

The loving young mum was subjected to a catalogue of horror injuries – including serious vaginal trauma – before being abandoned “drunk and bleeding” at the foot of the stairs.

The millionaire property developer could have faced life for murder over the December 2016 killing – but instead escaped with a 44-month manslaughter sentence.

Broadhurst, said to be worth £15m, is now set to be released within weeks after serving half his term.

Natalie’s heartbroken dad told Alan Andrews, 56, told The Sun Online of his anger at his release on licence.

"It’s a day we knew would come, but we didn’t want it to come this quickly,” he said.

“It’s still a couple of months until he comes out but for what he did, he’s barely served any time at all.

“It’s not a punishment he has had in the slightest. We’re just devastated that he’s going to be back out in society.

“It brings it all back what he did and how he tried to wriggle off the hook."

Mum-of-one Natalie was discovered at her home in Kinver, Staffs, lying in a pool of blood.

A court heard that after wanting to “teach her a lesson” for sending photos to other men,

Broadhurst “lost it” and inflicted around 40 horrific injuries.

He even sprayed bleach on Natalie’s face when she lay unconscious because “he didn’t want her to look a mess”.

Broadhurst insisted during a murder trial that Connolly willingly consented to rough sex – despite being heavily intoxicated – and prosecutors softened the charge to manslaughter by gross negligence.

He pleaded guilty straight away in December 2018 and even dared to appeal his sentence.

Alan, from Kidderminster, Worcs, said: “He’s never faced up to what he did and I don’t think he will.

“We’ve been told he will have condition on his bail so he can’t come anywhere near us.

“We are all close together as a family and he’s not allowed anywhere near us. The most important thing is protecting Natalie’s daughter.

“Now he’s out, it’ll be a different chapter for us. But the pain will never end. We just have to keep on going and look after the little one.”


A campaign launched after Natalie's death led to the outlawing this month of the so-called "rough sex defence" in court.

Campaigners found that since 2000 the number of accused men using what has been nicknamed the 50 Shades of Grey defence had increased tenfold.

Mr Andrews has been at the forefront of securing the long-overdue law change.

“Broadhurst might only serve 22 months in prison but at least anyone like him who commits these type of offences can’t now get away with it,” he said.

“That’s something to cling on to.”

Announcing Broadhurst’s release, which is set to happen by October, Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier said: “There is no justice in this. There never has been for Natalie. She was deprived of her life and of her reputation by this man.

“Natalie Connolly was not someone who was into rough sex. This was Broadhurst using it. She was just a fairly normal, fun-loving mother who, like most people, wanted a nice, happy relationship with someone she loved.”

Mr Garnier labelled the 2018 trial as “maybe the perfect storm of inadequacy”.

He added: “People should know in this profession how to behave better. If the judge and the prosecuting barrister had done what they should have, Broadhurst would be on a 15- to 20-year stretch. That is an absolute tragedy.”  

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: "While sentencing is a matter for independent judges, no death or other serious injury should be defended as ‘rough sex gone wrong’ and we are changing the law to prevent it."

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