The New Jersey daredevil who as a teenager scaled 1 World Trade Center was busted for another high-altitude stunt this week, police said Thursday.

Justin Casquejo, 20, was arrested on Monday for breaking into an under-construction apartment building on the Upper West Side and hanging off a crane on the roof, cops said.

Casquejo, who pulled off the climb with two other adrenaline junkies early in the morning on March 18, then posted photos and video of the stunt to YouTube, authorities said.

Cops tracked him down on Monday and arrested him on reckless endangerment and criminal trespass charges, police said.

“It’s disappointing that, while being questioned by the police, my client was told he didn’t need a lawyer after asking for one and that the police, without a warrant, thumbed through his phone over his objections,” Casquejo’s lawyer Jeremy Saland said. “We look forward to reviewing the complaint and examining the strength of the purported evidence.”

Casquejo first made a name for himself as a daredevil four years ago, when he was busted for scaling 1 World Trade Center while it was under construction in 2014.

Then 16-year-old Casquejo broke into the building through a hole in a fence at the construction site, sources told The Post at the time.

Casquejo was held on $5,000 bail at his arraignment on Monday.

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