DAUGHTERS of a man described as a "father figure" for Prince Harry have told of their anguish at watching their dad 'bring up other people’s children'.

Music tycoon David Foster, 70, has become a close friend of Harry's.

The pair met due to Meghan Markle's friendship with Mr Foster's wife Katharine McPhee.

Mrs McPhee, who appeared on American Idol, said of her husband and Harry: "They're so cute.

"They're like father and son."

Mr Foster, who has been married five times, has five biological children of his own, the Daily Express reports.

The businessman also has a number of stepchildren, including Brody and Brandon Jenner.

The men are the biological sons of Caitlyn Jenner, who was married to Mr Foster's third wife, Linda Thompson.

And now two of his daughters, Sara and Erin Foster, have given an interview about the pain they feel watching him 'bringing up other people's children'.

The women's mum is actor Rebecca Dyer, who split from Foster in 1986.

Sara, who created TV series Barely Famous, told podcast Sibling Rivalry: “Our dad was raising other children.

"He wasn’t raising us. He was raising Brandon and Brody.”

She added: “So, for Erin, what weighed so heavily on her, was me.

"I was dealing with my whole own emotional turmoil, which was watching my father raise other children.

"That kept me up at night.”

Writer Erin said: “They had a very different life.

"But, out in the world, people would be like, ‘You guys are spoilt brats, you have it all’.

“And we would be like, ‘Yeah, but we don’t live there. We don’t have the gate code. We don’t have a room there. We’re not really a part of that world’.”

The sisters say they still have a “deep” resentment over being left behind for their TV star step-brothers.

Mr Foster helped mastermind the careers of artists such as Christina Aguilera, Mary J Blige and Michael Bublé.

Now he and wife Mrs McPhee, 38, have set up the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in their £11million Vancouver Island mansion.

Mrs McPhee said her husband has a great relationship with Harry, and the prince feels like family.

She told Access Hollywood: “My husband has a really, really beautiful relationship with Harry.

"They're so cute. They're like father and son.”

Meghan and Harry moved to the Canadian pad – which is owned by a mystery millionaire – after stepping down as senior royals earlier this year.

Mrs McPhee said that it was Mr Foster who helped them find the Canadian hideaway, before they relocated to LA, where they are currently locked down with Archie, one.

She said: “David is the resource guy.

"He knows all the places. He loves to help people.”

Speaking of their move to Beverly Hills, she added: “We just hope they end up somewhere where they feel like they can really settle down.”

Mr Foster spoke of helping the couple with their Vancouver Island bolthole at the time, and said to DailyMail.com: “I felt honoured that I was able to help Meghan there because I'm a Canadian and we're a commonwealth country.

“It's important to us, so I grew up with that kind of sentiment.

"I was really happy to be able to help them to find a respite just to take a little time off."

His fifth wife has ties to Meghan as they both attended the same Catholic school, Immaculate Heart in LA.

She said she got to speak to the royal couple when she was performing Waitress the musical in London.

She also posted a photo on Instagram of Meghan from their school days last year, with the caption: “She grew up to be the Duchess of Sussex and I grew up to star on the West End, so same life if you ask me.”

Meghan and Prince Harry are currently believed to be staying at producer Tyler Perry’s swanky £15million home in LA.

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