The author and illustrator of a comic starring Jesus Christ as a modern-day superhero is searching for a new publisher after DC Comics canceled its release weeks before a March 6 publication date.

Satirical comic book series “Second Coming” was canned by DC after conservative Web site CitizenGo circulated a petition calling it “outrageous and blasphemous.” The petition, which urged DC to cancel the series, drew more than 230,000 signatures.

DC, which owns the “Batman,” “Superman” and “Wonder Woman” franchises, initially said it would delay publication. But when Second Coming’s creators asked for the rights to their comic back, the nation’s largest comic publisher seemed to be happy to comply and rid itself of the controversy.

“It wasn’t because of any displeasure with DC or their editorial staff,” author Mark Russell said in an interview with Syfy News.

“It was just that they wanted to push the release date back to some undetermined point in the future, and I had made some minor changes at their request, after which I was warned that requests for more significant changes would probably be on the way. So I decided I would rather keep the story intact and remain true to the original vision and get into the hands of readers in a more timely fashion.”

The comic, illustrated by Richard Price, tells a story in which God is disappointed with Jesus’ first effort to save humankind and sends him back in present day to room with a new superhero called “Sun Man.”

“Would DC Comics publish similar content about other religious leaders, such as Mohammed or Buddha?” CitizenGo asked.

A week after being nixed, there is still no new publisher, but Price suggested that’s because it takes time.

“There’s a pile of negotiations that go into something like this,” he tweeted.

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