Fiona Scullard found a scrawled note on her car insisting that she is "not disabled" — despite suffering debilitating breathing problems.

And her raging accuser even reported her car registration to Sainsbury's in Dawlish, Devon on Monday.

Fiona, 36, needs to park close to supermarkets as she stores life-saving medication for her severe asthma in her car.

But the scathing note read: "You are not disabled. Park elsewhere and leave these spaces for those that are you SELFISH C***.

"I've noted your reg and told Sainsbury's."

Stunned Fiona said that while she may not look ill she has been left feeling stigmatised for having her disability.

She told Devon Live: "I was in Sainsbury's for 15 to 20 minutes and that's what greeted me when I came back to my car.

"It has really got to me. It is not right that non-visible disabilities are discriminated against."

Fiona, who suffers from serious Brittle Asthma after developing breathing difficulties aged nine, said of the hate-filled note: "To be called that word is just awful.

"I need a disabled bay because if I laugh the wrong way, or if there is a lot of dust, it can affect my breathing and I may have an attack.

"I need to be close to the entrance, my emergency equipment is in the car and I wouldn't find it possible to get to the car if I was having an attack and it was not nearby."

She is currently taking new monthly injections to treat her illness and hopes her harrowing experience will make people more aware of "invisible" disabilities.

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