This is the magical moment a girl born with a missing forearm was given a new limb made on a 3D printer with a Frozen design.

While her friends dreamed of being Elsa from the Disney movie, Lily-Mai White, four, was telling her family she just “wished she had two arms”.

Graphic designer Mark Bryant stepped in to help and printed out the £1,000 limb, which was fitted this week.

Mark, 47, said: “Lily was dumbstruck. She is normally loud and chatty but I could see she was just taking it all in.”

Lily-Mai’s forearm became tangled in fibrous bands in the womb. Her mum Hannah, of Peterborough, Cambs, found out about the problem, amniotic band syndrome, at her 20-week scan.

Hannah, 28, said: “The new arm will help her a lot because she gets frustrated when she is getting dressed. She is just starting to learn to use it. But she loves it so much.

“It will be so good for her, as she loves playing outside, and playing with her dolls.”

Lily-Mai goes to South Bretton Pre-School, which is now trying to raise £1,600 to upgrade the arm, adding sensors to give Lily more mobility before she starts school in September.

Deputy manager Caela Gargan, 34, who has set up a page, said: “Seeing her with her new arm was absolutely amazing. I don’t think I have felt this emotional in a long time.”

To support the fundraising effort visit Go Fund Me

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