Texas driver calls 911 himself after being impaled with a fence post that ‘barely missed his heart’ in a freak car crash with a deer

  • Jake Tabor, 24, hit a deer as he traveled to work at 4am on Tuesday 
  • He spun on the wet highway into a trailer sales company fence and was impaled through his abdomen with a two-inch pole that ‘barely missed his heart’
  • Tabor managed to call 911 himself and report the accident 
  • First responders said it took 30 minutes to extract him from the wreckage and they were forced to send him to hospital with some of the pole still in his body
  • Tabor’s condition is described as stable but he will require further surgery

A Texas man, 24, is lucky to be alive after a fence post ‘barely missed his heart’ in a freak car crash on Tuesday. 

Jake Tabor, a father of two small girls, smashed into the fencing around a trailer sales company early Tuesday after colliding with deer on a wet road. He impaled himself on a two-inch pole. 

Police believe he may have been knocked unconscious during the crash but woke up and managed to calmly place a 911 call to explain his accident. 


Tabor’s pick-up truck smashed through the wire fencing when he slipped on the wet highway after a collision with a deer, leading to him being impaled on one of the fence poles 

Jake Tabor, 24, remained calm and called 911 to report the freak car accident on Tuesday

Tabor was driving to his work as a pipefitter in Willis around 4am when he crashed his Chevrolet pick-up on the Highway 75 North near Shepherd Hill Road.

North Montgomery County and New Waverly Fire Department responded to the call to find the pickup tangled in the fence and the pole going completely through Tabor’s body. 

Video from the crash site shows the front of Tabor’s pick-up smashed in with one of the front seats caved in and daughters’ car seats flung in the back. 

Emergency services say it took almost 30 minutes to free him from the truck because of the need to ensure the pole through his abdomen did not move and cause further injury.

Video shows pickup with its roof removed and the cut parts of the pipe left on the ground.  

‘We have a thing called the golden hour. In the golden hour, you want to get him extricated (and) get him to the hospital as quickly as possible to prevent any life-threatening injuries,’ North Montgomery County Fire Department Battalion Chief Bill Derks told KHOU. 

‘It was a pretty chaotic scene. We had to cut the fence off the car to make access,’ he added. 

‘If someone were to move that pole or take it out of his chest, it would cause a major loss in blood.’ 

Although they were able to cut the pipe stuck through Tabor to a shorter length, emergency services were forced to bring him to Conroe Regional Medical Center with part of it still in his body. 

First responders added that it was unusual for the victim in such a serious crash to be able to call 911 themselves.  

Tabor’s wife told ABC News that the fence post ‘barely missed his heart’. 

He is now in ICU and his condition is described as stable but his wife adds that he will still require several more surgeries. 

‘He’s very lucky to be alive,’ Derks said of Tabor’s injuries. 

Tabor, 24, with his two daughters and wife, who claimed the pole ‘barely missed his heart’

Tabor’s wife, pictured left with him, says he is stable but will require more surgeries

‘We always love when we can save people and bring them home. That’s why we do our job. That’s why we love our job.’ 

The fence Tabor crashed into belonged to NRS Trailers, who claim that there was $100,000 worth of damage caused in the accident. 

Buddy Maxwell, general manager of NRS Trailers, said that two of his trailers were damaged. 

Buddy Maxwell, general manager of NRS Trailers, inspects the damage caused after Tabor crashed into the fence around his trailer sales company early on Tuesday morning

One of the fence poles, seen here at the crash site, rammed through Tabor’s body

This is not the first vehicle to crash into his fence either. 

‘One lady said she just lost control. This guy said he avoided a deer so I have no idea,’ Maxwell told Click2Houston.com. 

‘You just put a new fence up and go at it again I guess.’ 

The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating the crash. 

Tabor was the only occupant of the vehicle and the DPS reports that speed was a factor, as well as heavy rain the night before. 

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