TECH millionaire John McAfee has said he was arrested in Norway for wearing a thong over his face in place of a coronavirus mask.

Writing on twitter, McAfee, known for developing the first commercial antivirus software, said he had refused to remove the underwear for his "health's sake".

Wife Janice McAfee later began posting from the account, saying John had been arrested and that she had been detained.

McAffee, 75, is known as the founder of McAfee Associates, which he ran between 1987 and 1994 before resigning from the company.

He later founded a number of other companies, and prior to the 2008 financial crash was worth an estimated £60million.

He has had numerous run-ins with the law in the past and claims not to have paid taxes since 2010.

In a tweet on Monday, McAfee said he had been stopped by authorities in Norway and wrote: "My Coronavirus mask is the problem.

"I am insisting it is the safest available and I'm refusing to wear anything else — for my health's sake. Authority!?!?!?!?"

Pictures showed him with a pair of black underwear covering his mouth and nose and the straps hooked back over his ears.

He then posted a picture of himself laughing with a police officer and wrote that he would have to cancel an appearance that had been scheduled for that evening.

Janice later posted to the account, saying she would manage it until McAfee "escapes (usual method), bribes someone (very quick – might be out in a few hours), retains the right lawyer (will be a few days) or becomes warden of the jail, in which case we will have to force him out".

She also wrote McAfee had been wearing the mask because it "doesn't recycle his exhaled carbon dioxide, like over the ear masks. (Breathing impaired people are exempt from wearing masks because masks impair respiration)."

"Masks stop bacteria. Not viruses people! He was arrested for what he believes. Thank you my love," she said.

Footage later showed her holding a bottle of champagne in what she described as a "detention centre" but appeared to be part of an airport terminal.

Posting this morning, McAfee said he had been released after 14 hours in jail and travelled to Belarus.

He also claimed to have been "roughed up" in a "tussle" over his initial refusal to wear a mask and posted a picture of himself with what appeared to be a small black eye.

The arrest follows another incident in the summer of last year, when McAfee was detained in the Dominican Republican after a cache of weapons was found on his boat.

Numerous pictures have previously showed him as well as Janice posing with a range of large guns and rifles.

McAfee is also reportedly wanted as a "person of interest" in connection with the 2012 killing of an American man in Belize, though has denied any involvement.

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