Eerie pictures show abandoned set where children’s favourite Tots TV was filmed more than 20 years ago

  • The bilingual show was in French and English and was shot in  Warwickshire
  • The show went off air exactly 20 years ago in April 1998 after 15 years on TV
  • The series was dubbed in Spanish in the United States and broadcast on PBS

A video showing the former TV set of one of Britain’s most famous kids TV programmes has emerged – after the set had laid abandoned for 20 years.

The dilapidated shell of the Tots TV set is very different to its glory days, during the 1990s, with is rotting roof, broken windows and missing floorboards.

The video was captured by Lewis Cooper, from East Sussex, who tracked down the secret location in Warwickshire, in March 2017.

He said: ‘I spent several hours searching the web, at the time, the location was kept far more secret.

‘I had found several clues online and eventually found it by finding landmarks that I knew were nearby on Google Maps and narrowed it down to the small area where the house is located.

Tots TV was a British children’s television programme, produced by Ragdoll Productions and Central featuring three ragdoll friends

 ‘We found that the famous red door at the front of the house had been removed and was nowhere to be found.

‘This was quite sad to see as it was an iconic part of the house.’

The programme featured three ragdoll friends: Tilly, a French girl, with red hair, Tom, a blue-haired boy with glasses, and Tiny, the youngest Tot, with green hair 

Production of the Tots TV television show ended in 1998 and it was famous for its three main characters, ragdoll friends, Tilly, Tom and Tiny.

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 Lewis said: ‘There were a lot of wires and electronics in the production area behind the house but these had all be completely destroyed by the water that flooded the room.

The dilapidated shell of the TV set is very different to its glory days, during the 1990s, with is rotting roof, broken windows and missing floorboards.

‘There are no floorboards in the house. Tots TV was filmed in such a way that the floor was rarely shown on camera.

The three little friends also had a donkey and a rat for company and had a magic sack

‘This allowed for hatches to be built into the floor so that the puppeteers could hide below.

The TV house was a genuine, approximately 1/3 of the size, cottage purposely built for the show in the woods on a farm in Stratford Upon Avon

‘I mainly had a sense of nostalgia when I saw the set.

There are electrical wires connected to a roof which is covered in holes 

‘I remember watching Tots TV on VHS tapes when I was younger and I would never have thought that I would visit the filming location one day.

The now dilapidated shell home is in a terrible condition and has smashed windows and the doors are missing 

‘It was also sad to see it in this state, I have had many people comment on my video that feel the same way and have even called for it to be restored and turned into some sort of attraction.’

Producers won a number of awards including two BAFTAs.

The staircase is broken and the fireplace is no longer in use in the once pretty little cottage

Tots TV first aired on January 4 1993 and finished on 27 April 1998 after more than 15 years entertaining British children on ITV.

The outside is covered in moss and the walls are cracked as discarded flowers lay abandoned 

Those who watched it will remember that the three puppets who lived there had a pet donkey who was creatively named Donkey.

Electrical wires can still be seen in the shell home which hasn’t been used for two decades

The TV show was written by two of its puppeteers and was hugely successful and syndicated around the world.

The cottage is completely unrecognisable from its original state and is wrecked inside and out

Tots TV was first broadcast on CITV and then was picked up by Public Service Broadcasting in the United States where the French speaking puppet changed to a Spanish speaking one.

The inside of the cottage is dark and wrecked and is nothing like the colourful cottage 

 In 2000 Discovery Kids bought the series and put it on television screens in Central and South America, the Caribbean and the Falkland Islands.

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