Enormous cash haul piled up by cocaine gang in sleepy Tunbridge Wells

Pictured: Enormous cash haul piled up by cocaine gang in sleepy Tunbridge Wells by running ‘Deliveroo for drugs’ call centre as they are jailed for total of more than 60 years

  • Members operated a 24/7 supply of drugs and made millions from the ‘business’
  • Managed 1,500 orders in one week alone in July last year in Tunbridge Wells 
  • New pictures reveal swathes of £50 notes lined up and cash wrapped in bags

The enormous cash haul an Albanian drugs gang amassed has been revealed after the nine members were jailed for a total of more than 60 years.

The gang was led by Nelson Aliaj, who was closely assisted by Ervis Dervishi, Izmir Basha and Alfred Gashi.

The gang had been providing the residents of leafy Tunbridge Wells with a 24/7 supply of cocaine, and had made £4.2million from a so-called ‘Deliveroo for drugs’.

Based in London the members operated a 24/7 call centre to ship drugs from the capital to the quaint Kent town.

They managed to deliver 1,500 orders in one week alone in July last year, which bagged them at least £60,000. 

New pictures from Kent Police show £50 notes lined up (left) as well as bags of £20 notes (right) also stacked up

An image issued by Kent police shows the name ‘Freddy’ laid out in £20 notes – which is believed to be a nickname of one of the gang members

Nelson Aliaj (left) was jailed for 15 years and Rigels Hadushaj (right) was jailed for seven years 

Newly revealed pictured show swathes of £50 notes all lined up, cash wrapped in bags and even the name ‘Freddy’ made up of £20 notes.

Aliaj, Dervishi, Basha and Gashi would top up their phones with vouchers from Tunbridge wells which had been purchased by  Marius Kuci, Rigels Hadushaj and Fatos Metalia. 

Investigators were able to prove that Dervishi had supplied cocaine in Tunbridge Wells on 14, 15 and 28 June.

He was later arrested on 20 July in possession of 14 deals of cocaine, two mobile phones and more than £600. 

This is while another member, Arsid Mataj had also been found to have supplied cocaine in the area, officers arrested him on July 23 with four lots of cocaine and more than £1,200.

Izmir Basha (left) was jailed for seven years, while Ervis Dervishi (right) was jailed for six years and nine months 

Just two months later on 22 September Gashi was arrested after being stopped in a car, in possession of two deals of cocaine, a mobile phone and £600.

Just a day later, Hadishaj and Arlind Palushi were found in a car in Tunbridge Wells, where officers seized 60 deals of cocaine, more tha n£8,000 and pepper spray cannisters.

It was also proven that Kuci supplied cocaine for the crime gang on 11 October and 12 October, and Xhensil Vucaj dealt cocaine on 19 October.

In October Vucaj was arrested in possession of a mobile phone and more than £1,000. A search warrant was then put out for Izmir Basha, who was then arrested with the main mobile phone.

Arline Palushi (left) was jailed for six years and six months, while Alfred Gashi (right) was jailed for six years and three months 

The gang made £4.2million from a ‘Deliveroo for drugs’ that provided the residents of leafy Tunbridge Wells (pictured) with a 24/7 supply of cocaine

Aliaj had been using the address in Deptford and he was arrested in Hull on 26 November.

On 19 December, Gashi, Metalia and Kuci were found in Southhampton where eight bags of cocaine and more than £8,000 was also seized.

In April this year Mataj was also arrested in London.

Investigators analysed text messages from the seized mobile phones and found that those arrested had been part of the same gang, dealing the Class A drugs in Kent.

All of which have been charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine.

Devishi pleaded guilty at Maidstone Crown Court on 22 November 2018. Guilty pleas were entered at Canterbury Crown Court by Gashi on 25 April 2019, Kuci on 26 April, Aliaj on 8 May and Mataj on 13 May.

Basha, Metalia, Hadushaj, Palushi and Vicaj pleaded not guilty at Canterbury Crown Court and were found guilty after a 27-day trial.    

Marius Kuci (above) was jailed for four years

Simon Taylor, prosecuting, told the court: ‘The organisers of the network were operating a Deliveroo or Just Eat for drugs and able to keep the key phone sterile by only using it for receiving and confirming orders. 

He added that the deals were always for half a gram of cocaine, which cost customers £40 each, and were always from the same town.

Police caught the dealers by posing under cover and pretending to buy from them.

Evidence on their mobile phones then incriminated them further.

One member of the gang was filmed throwing money at a singer in a nightclub, while another boasted about his Range Rover Sport. 

When they were arrested, one of the men had a stash of cocaine with a street value of £2,000 and another had £8,000 cash. 

Investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Mark Froome said: ‘This sophisticated drug supply network took steps to avoid arrest by keeping the main mobile phone is London and providing a second phone for the local dealers Kent.

‘It is estimated the gang’s drug dealing would have made more than £4,000,000 per year from around 50 kilograms of cocaine, and photographs on their phones showed large quantities of cash in their possession.

‘They were finally brought to justice through a meticulous investigation supported by proactive arrests by patrols.

The sentences imposed should send a strong message to anyone seeking to supply Class A drugs in Kent that they will be identified, arrested and are likely to spend a significant time in jail.’

The men  operated a ’24/7 call centre’ to ship drugs from the capital to the quaint Kent town (Tunbridge Wells pictured), a court heard 

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