JEFFREY Epstein's "pimp" Ghislaine Maxwell wants to be home for Christmas despite child sex ring claims.

Maxwell is hoping to appear in court just four days before Christmas to beg for bail.

"The defense respectfully requests that the hearing take place before the holidays and the government is amenable to that schedule," her lawyer Christian R. Everdell wrote in a two-page letter obtained by Law and Crime.

Everdell requested that a renewed bail hearing will be held for Maxwell on December 21.

The recent plea comes just weeks after Maxwell’s lawyer Bobbi Sternheim wrote a letter detailing aggressive checkups his client apparently experiences at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

"Despite non-stop in-cell camera surveillance, Ms. Maxwell’s sleep is disrupted every 15-minutes when she is awakened by a flashlight to ascertain whether she is breathing," wrote Sternheim, according to the New York Post.

Maxwell is awaiting trial for allegedly taking part in the sex trafficking operation of American financier and convicted sex offender Epstein, who committed suicide in his Metropolitan Correctional Center cell in August 2019. 

Her lawyers penned the letter in response to a filing on Monday from federal prosecutors stating that Maxwell was possibly exposed to a staffer infected with coronavirus and was undergoing quarantine. 

Maxwell’s lawyers claimed that “she is overmanaged under conditions more restrictive than inmates housed in 10South, the most restrictive unit in the MCC; or individuals convicted of terrorism and capital murder and incarcerated at FCI Florence ADMAX, the most restrictive facility operated by the BOP.”

Sternheim disputed the federal prosecutors’ letter that Maxwell was receiving better treatment than other inmates after testing negative for Covid-19. 

Maxwell was forced to take two nasal swabs or be placed in quarantine for 21 days, and was never told of the results, according to her lawyer’s letter to US District Judge Alison Nathan.

“Ms. Maxwell was ordered to remove her Covid-protection mask for an in-mouth inspection, further risking exposure to the virus,” Sternheim wrote.

In addition, the British socialite was quarantined without a toothbrush or soap at the start and did not receive daily checks from medical staff when she was isolated, the letter by Maxwell's lawyer states. 

Sternheim said his client experienced subpar conditions even before she was placed on quarantine. 

“Ms. Maxwell has spent the entirely [sic] of her pretrial detention in de facto solitary confinement under the most restrictive conditions where she is excessively and invasively searched and is monitored 24 hours per day,” he wrote. 

Maxwell’s lawyers have argued that it has been hard for her to prepare to defend herself while enduring living conditions in the detention center that include special measures to prevent her from committing suicide.

But in last month's filing, Assistant US Attorney Maurene Comey rejected the defense team’s claims. 

"As was the case three months ago, the defendant continues to have more time to review her discovery than any other inmate at the MDC, even while in quarantine," Comey wrote.

"The defendant also has as much, if not more, time as any other MDC inmate to communicate with her attorneys, even while in quarantine.”

Maxwell is accused of bringing girls as young as age 14 for Epstein to abuse in the mid 1990s and training them to comply to his wishes.  

She has pled not guilty to the charges. 

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