Equality watchdog launches inquiry after board member ‘liked’ tweets slamming Black Lives Matter activists and a post describing ‘misogynist’ and ‘homophobe’ as ‘ideological propaganda terms’

  • Alasdair Henderson is part of the Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • His personal Twitter account liked or retweeted others social media posts
  • One of them criticised the police for treating BLM protesters ‘indulgently’ 

A lawyer on the board of the government’s equality watchdog is being investigated for liking social media posts, including suggesting the Met Police were indulging Black Lives Matters protests during lockdown.

Alasdair Henderson interacted with messages from a father which questioned if officers were treating BLM protests ‘more indulgently’ than they had for other street-side campaigns.

As well as that post he was said to have shared or liked a post from the same Twitter user which said: ‘It’s amazing to me that Tory ministers still flounder and flub when some media moron incants the magic words “misogynist” and “homophobe”, as if those are empirical statements about reality, not highly ideological propaganda terms.’

The same feed went on to say: ‘Have you considered not letting your thoughts be shaped by categories invented by your enemies in order to make your worldview sound bad?’

Other posts he liked or retweeted were on themes of ‘cancel culture’ and whether groups were being treated the same as others. 

Alasdair Henderson is said to have ‘liked’ tweet thread slamming Black Lives Matter activists

Mr Henderson led the Equality and Human Rights Commission inquiry into Labour party antisemitism, was tweeting in a personal capacity and not on any official channel.

His use of Twitter was today being looked at by the EHRC after some of his interaction with other people’s Tweets were highlighted.

In June he liked part of a thread from another social media user about politics and the ‘defence of normal human interaction’ as well as jokes, offhand comments and provocative essays.

It went on to say they were under threat from ‘people who claim to be interested in liberal or open societies but who basically aren’t’ before saying people who exercised conscience in unfashionable ways were being attacked.  

Metropolitan Police officers took the knee at Black Lives Matter protest in London this year

Several officers adopted the iconic pose in support of the anti-racism protests in London

He then gave an example, which he seemed to be suggesting was the reverse of this phenomenon, posting: ‘The Met are clearly treating the (illegal under the Covid regs) BLM protests much more indulgently than they have treated other protests and gatherings. This is poison to an open society, but no-one seems to care.’ 

Another post he liked was: ‘All the anti-fascists in Europe protesting against America, an actually free country, are too cowardly to do the same for Hong Kong, which is virtually a dictatorship now.’ 

Mr Henderson was said to have liked a tweet decrying ‘offence-taking zealots’ who accused Roger Scruton of antisemitism, Islamophobia and homophobia.

Sir Roger died earlier this year after being cleared his name after being sacked as a government advisor over false anti-Semitism claims.

Mr Henderson is one of nine EHRC commissioners and has been on the watchdog board since 2018 promoting human rights.  

A spokesperson from the EHRC said: ‘We will be looking into this use of social media and the issues raised.’

Mr Henderson declined to comment when approached by MailOnline. 

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