EVIL nursery paedo Vanessa George is living in secret after changing her name – like hundreds of other convicted sex offenders.

She has been able to conceal her true identity, after serving time for abusing nursery school children.

It is feared she abused up to 64 children aged between two and five and shared photographs of them with other perverts.

But she has always refused to name her victims, leaving distraught parents in limbo.

She was controversially released from prison last year before living in a half-way house for released offenders in the West Midlands.

But now she has moved to another address and since changed her name.

A report out this week revealed she is one of hundreds of sex offenders who have been able to change their identities.

For just £15 she will have been about to complete the deed poll process online.

The Daily Mail reports that Freedom of Information (FoI) requests to 43 police forces in England and Wales found 1,349 sex offenders have told police they have changed their names.

But 913 other offenders appear to have begun using new names without informing the authorities.


Child protection organisation Safeguarding Alliance is petitioning Parliament to "revoke the right of registered sex offenders to change their name by deed poll". 

Spokeswoman Emily Konstantas said: "When sex offenders change their names, they effectively go under the radar.

"They can obtain a new passport, a new driving licence, a new National Insurance number, and effectively erase their past."

George, 49, struck at Little Ted’s nursery in Plymouth, Devon.

In December 2009 she admitted seven counts of sexual assault and six of making and distributing indecent pictures of children.

She was given an indeterminate sentence and told she would serve at least seven years before being released last year.

Another offender who changed his name is Terry Price, a sex offender who carried out attacks over three decades.

He has changes his name five times – with this disrupting one of his trials, as he couldn't enter pleas as the charges were under a different name.

And James Haw changes his name after being convicted over child sex abuse images to lure an unsuspecting mum on Tinder.

He switched his name to James France and was only caught out after confessing to his parter, who shopped him to police.

Another paedophile, Steven Harrison, 44, changed his name to that of ex-Liverpool football star Steve Gerrard.

He signed up to dating websites using identity and started relationships with mums who had football-fan sons before he was eventually caught and jailed. 

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