An ex-cop on Wednesday published a shocking list of VIPs who got hard-to-obtain gun licenses — whether they deserved them or not — allegedly because of their money and influence, including Donald Trump, his attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen, ex-Sony CEO Tommy Mattola and “30 Rock” actor Tracy Morgan.

The list, which also includes ex-mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis, ex-Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack, and late Fox News head Roger Ailes, was hidden in a Manhattan federal sentencing document filed by ex-NYPD Lt. Paul Dean, who is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 31 for bribery.

The sentencing document doesn’t claim that Trump, Cohen, Mattola or the others bribed Dean or anyone else at the NYPD in exchange for gun permits.

Dean added the VIP list to his sentencing document to prove to the judge that he provided substantial assistance to the feds during their investigation. He says he deserves a break for that, which the feds refused to give him.

“Despite the voluminous information provided by Mr. Dean his cooperation was deemed not substantial,” his lawyer complained to the judge in the sentencing memo.

According to the document, the feds were told that Trump, Cohen and Donald Trump Jr. were granted hard-to-obtain full-carry gun licenses “even though the proper credentials were not in the file because of their generous donations to the Police Athletic League or the NYC Police Foundation.”

Actor and comedian Morgan got a gun license as a favor to since-convicted gun expeditor John Chambers “even though Morgan had a prior felony conviction,” the sentencing memo said.

And Robert Gans, owner of Scores and Penthouse Executive Club, was given a gun permit because “members of the police department including Chief [Raymond] Spinella, were getting free lap dances at the club,” he said.

All of the permits were ordered or approved by Dean’s former boss Deputy Inspector Mike Endall, according to Dean.

“Corruption and bribery appeared to be sanctioned in the licensing division by Mr. Dean’s commanding officer Mike Endall and others,” the shocking memo said.

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“Not only did commanding officer Endall approve this quid pro quo system but Police Commissioners Kelly and Bratton seemed to tacitly approve this system,” he said.

As an example, Dean said that when Endall took over as the new commanding officer of the licensing division in 2014, Endall told Dean about a meeting he had had with Bratton where Bratton informed Endall that he “wanted to keep Endall there to continue the current ‘favor’ system to retirees and donors,” the memo said.

Dean was arrested in 2017 along with several other cops and gun expeditors for his role in a scheme to use bribes to get gun licenses from his former co-workers.

He faces up to two years in prison when sentenced on Jan. 31st.

Endall, who left the NYPD in 2017, has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

“The document is riddled with false assertions and comes from an admitted felon who sold his shield for personal gain,” said Roy Richter of the NYPD Captains Endowment Association, speaking on behalf of Chief Spinella.

“I am confident the U.S. Attorney cut nobody a break and considered all information brought to their attention.”

Additional reporting by Tina Moore

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