‘Exceptionally foolish’ paramedic drove his ambulance through a red light and nearly smashed into a van on a blind bend while racing his colleague

  • Noel Scott admitted his behaviour had been ‘irresponsible’ and ‘foolish’
  • He was caught after driving at Pinderfields General Hospital, West Yorkshire
  • Evidence against him was heard by a Health and Care Professions Tribunal 

An ‘exceptionally foolish’ paramedic drove his ambulance through a red light and nearly smashed into a van while racing his colleague round a blind bend at 41mph, a tribunal has heard.

Noel Scott was caught after hospital security guards witnessed his vehicle speeding out of the emergency department and attempting to overtake a colleague at Pinderfields General Hospital, West Yorkshire.

He admitted ‘irresponsibility’ and said he had been ‘exceptionally foolish’ at a panel of the Health and Care Professions Tribunal, held in London, which viewed CCTV from the hospital alongside data from inside his ambulance.

Noel Scott drove his ambulance at 41mph around a blind bend. He works at Pinderfields General Hospital, West Yorkshire (pictured)

The was seen by security guards working at, racing another ambulance out of the emergency department.

The tribunal was told: ‘Members of the security team at Pinderfields General Hospital said they had seen, via CCTV, two ambulances racing from the emergency department and that one was trying to overtake the other.’

The tribunal heard the data helped prove that Scott drove his ambulance in excess of the speed limit, on the wrong side of the road through a blind left hand bend and through a set of red traffic lights.

Scott was also caught racing at 41 mph along Stanley Road, Wakefield, West Yorkshire where the speed limit is just 30mph.

At the time, Scott and the other ambulance were not responding to an emergency call.

The apologetic Yorkshire Ambulance Service paramedic told the tribunal: ‘I left Pinderfields (Hospital) and my colleague was on the inside lane and I went around it, a van came towards me and I pulled back in…

‘I was irresponsible on the occasion.’

He was caught after security guards noticed him overtaking another ambulance at speed as he left Pinderfields General Hospital (stock)

He admitted his driving was ‘exceptionally foolish’ at a meeting of the Health and Care Professions tribunal in Kennington, London (pictured)

Scott accepted he had been ‘exceptionally foolish’ but that his conduct was an isolated incident, and he would not do it again.

The tribunal concluded: ‘The Registrant’s driving was repeatedly reckless, albeit that it related to a short period of time, and put his colleagues and other road users at risk of serious harm…

‘The nature of the Registrant’s driving posed an unjustifiable risk to himself and others.’

Scott was handed a caution which is to remain on the register for a period of 1 year.

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