A FAMILY left a stinky surprise for a porch pirate who they claim was caught swiping their packages twice in the same week.

Home surveillance footage captured a 42-year-old woman allegedly stealing an Amazon package – a makeup pencil – left behind the glass door on their porch in the Hazelwood neighborhood of St. Louis.

"I felt violated, it's not a good feeling," the mom told KSDK.

The woman allegedly stole a second Amazon package containing a child's onesie a few days later, making the vexed mom suspicious.

"The sensors went off, and I just knew it," claimed the mom, who didn't want to be identified.

"Something was wrong, and there she was again."

After the thief supposedly struck for the second time in a week, the mom decided to get her revenge.

She and her husband devised a plan to prank the brazen porch pirate with help from their daughter.

The couple flipped two of their daughter's dirty diapers inside out and put them inside an Amazon box, which they then sealed and placed on their doorstep.

A day later, the porch pirate allegedly swiped the phony package full of nasty nappies.

"The best way to deal with things is to have a good sense of humor about it," said the mom. "She got the special surprise from my daughter. It just felt good to feel like we got some sort of justice."

Local police eventually nabbed the thief, but while the family's solution was funny, authorities cautioned that they "do not particularly encourage the transfer of bodily fluids."

But for the family, the laughs were worth it and sends potential thieves a message to think twice before they swipe.

"I think it's a good idea," the mom said. "It might make people think twice before they steal."

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