The family of a toddler kicked out of nursery for scratching other childrens’ faces said: "They haven’t given him a chance"

Danny McKenzie-Love, aged just two, has been ‘expelled’ from Panda Nursery in Hull after the directors took a dim view of the violence shown by the youngster.

The nursery confirmed Danny has been suspended for his behaviour, but he is welcome to return to the nursery when his behaviour improves, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

His grandma, Sharon Love, 58, said: “He has only just turned two and we took him for half an hour over the Easter holidays and within that half an hour he scratched a bairn.

“After the Easter break, he went back again and scratched another little girl’s face so her mother took her out of the nursery altogether.

“The day after he scratched another little girl and they suspended him for a week.”

After a crunch meeting with the nursery on Monday, April 23, the directors told Ms Love and Danny’s mum Charley, 24, that they would not accept Danny back at the nursery due to the risk his behaviour posed to other children.

But Ms Love, who also has four great-grandchildren, believes Danny has not been given a fair chance and said the nursery were warned about his tendency to “go for” other children.

She said: “He doesn’t swear or throw things – he is a really good bairn but now and then he will go for another child.

“Sometimes in the street we have got to watch him with other children. We haven’t got to the bottom of it and we don’t know what the problem is yet.

“He has got challenging behaviour but they haven’t given him a chance. They haven’t worked with him and I am so disgusted.

“He has only just turned two and is only a baby but they have pretty much expelled him.”

The family, who live in Middleton Street off Spring Bank, have since been to other nurseries in Hull to try and get Danny back in a playgroup. However, Ms Love is worried about the impact the “expulsion” will have on her grandson’s future development.

“The staff at the nursery were lovely and if he had been able to stay on he would have really benefited," she said. “It would have given Danny a chance to get on with other children but he just hasn’t been given a chance.

“If every nursery in Hull gives a bain a two-day chance I think nurseries in Hull would be empty.

“He has got a baby sister and obviously they play and fight and she has just turned one.

“I wonder if this is going to impact on her as his younger sister.

“He is not a bad child and we are just so upset about him not being given a chance.”

A spokesman for Panda Nursery said: "We take the safety and care of all the children in our nursery extremely seriously."

"As a result of a number of incidents involving this child we were unfortunately left with no option but to suspend him until his behaviour improved, he has not been expelled and we said that once the behaviour issues had been addressed we would welcome him back to the nursery.

"We explained that the risk of further incidents meant that we had to act formally to ensure we could continue to provide a safe and caring environment for all the children attending the nursery.”

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