These pictures show the amazing transformation of a family who have radically changed their lifestyle to slim down and get fit.

Businessman Dean Musgrave, 49, together with his family have lost an incredible six stone in just a few months – and the difference is astonishing.

Mr Musgrave, his wife Sammy, 36, and their daughter Alex, 17, have shed the pounds between them in just a few months after enlisting the help of personal trainer Tom Cowen, from Cottingham.

Mrs Musgrave, of west Hull, says she was determined to lose weight after feeling "uncomfortable" on a family holiday to America.

"I had previously done Slimming World but never really stuck to it," she said.

"I came across Tom’s Facebook page and saw the results he had so messaged him and arranged to meet up."

Sammy embarked on Tom’s Transformation group sessions back in July last year. She now also attends his bootcamps and one-to-one sessions.

"It’s not just about the exercise , it is eating healthily too and Tom is great at offering his support," she said.

"It’s now first nature for me and I find myself improving every session."

Sammy started her transformation weighing 10st 2lbs and was a "big" size 12. She now weighs 8st 1lbs and is a size 6/8.

Sammy has been supported throughout by husband Dean, 49, who also embarks on a gruelling training programme with Tom.

Since July, he has lost an incredible four stone and completely transformed his body. He said: "I feel so much fitter now than I ever have done.

"I’ve got more confidence and I am now really looking forward to our holiday to Mexico this summer."

Seeing the success her mum and dad were having, the couple’s 17-year-old daughter Alex decided to join Tom’s transformation and bootcamp classes.

She has lost more than a stone in just a few weeks.

Mrs Musgrave told the Hull Daily Mail : "Alex was just like any other teenager, eating rubbish and drinking fizzy drinks, but when she couldn’t get a pair of size 14 jeans on I think she realised the effect it had.

"We said we would pay for her to join Tom’s transformation classes and she has really gone for it and she looks fantastic.

"As a family we are so much healthier and it’s just great for us all."

Mr Cowen, whose fitness studio is based in King Street, Cottingham, offers dietary and exercise advice as well as one-to-one training sessions and group classes.

He has praised the Musgrave family’s remarkable achievements.

Mr Cowen said: "If you have those you love around you doing the same as you then that extra support really helps.

"Dean, Sammy and Alex have made constant progress and really smashed these last couple of months.

"Collectively as a family they have lost 77lbs and made wholesale changes and are continuing to improve.

"I have always wanted to create a family atmosphere at my transformation and bootcamp classes and these guys are an integral part of that.

"I am so proud of them."

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