FAR-RIGHT Proud Boys were among hundreds of protesters railing against 'Dictator Cuomo' at a mass rally at a New York bar shut down for ignoring coronavirus restrictions.

Members of the group chanted “Proud boys in the house” as they joined a rowdy demonstration outside Mac’s Public House in Staten Island on Wednesday night. 

The defiant pub was shut down by health authorities for operating without a license and breaching health orders. 

According to the New York Post, one speaker was heard chanting the Proud Boys credo: “I am a proud Western chauvinist”. 

Other furious protesters carried signs reading “***tator Cuomo” at the rally, while others carried placards with “Open Up NYC”.

Dozens of city sheriffs blocked the entrance to the pub on Tuesday night, facing off against furious protesters, many of whom were Staten Island locals.

One protester shouted at cops through a megaphone: “Where is your backbone? Where is your morality?”

It came after the pub’s co-owner Daniel Presti, 34, was arrested on Wednesday night and charged with obstructing government administration and multiple violations of city and state laws, authorities said. 

Mac’s had branded itself an “autonomous zone” and had continued to allow indoor customers – despite being in a coronavirus “Orange Zone” which only allows takeaway or outdoor dining.

The pub also received complaints for operating past the 10pm curfew imposed by Gov. Cuomo executive order. 

Mac’s last week had its license to sell alcohol removed after cops found 14 people inside the pub eating and drinking booze. 

A spokesman for Mr Cuomo told the New York Times: “This owner is learning that actions have consequences.

“Breaking the law and putting your neighbors’ lives at risk during a global pandemic to make a political statement is simply unacceptable.”

Mark F. Fonte, a lawyer for the bar’s owners, said the pub had been struggling financially this fall as restrictions had only allowed owners to seat 25 customers at normal capacity.

He added the rules have “crushed them, so they’re doing anything possible to try to survive”.

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