A MUM has spoken of her horror after discovering a festering plate her daughter left for a week had turned into a fur ball 'like Cousin Itt from the Addams Family'.

Denise Sankey shared a stomach-churning snap of the mouldy plate after 19-year-old daughter Liv Taylor forgot her dinner in the microwave.

Pet shop owner Denise says she's desperate to find her teen daughter a "nice boyfriend".

While sharing images of the monstrosity on Facebook, the 49-year-old mum-of-four appealed for someone to take Liv "off her hands" – and even offered to pay them.

Denise, from Appley Bridge, Greater Manchester, said: "I keep saying to her she needs a nice boyfriend, but she says she doesn't want one, she can't be bothered.

"She can't get a boyfriend because no-one would put up with her.

"I don't use the microwave very often and I was putting something in there I opened the microwave door and that was what I was greeted with."

She said the plate had "gone past mould".

"It was disgusting. It looked like Cousin Itt from The Addams Family," she said.

Denise's post reads: "Does anyone want Liv Taylor?

"I’m giving her away free to a good home – no, actually I will pay someone to take her and I don’t care if it’s a good home or not.

"I have just gone to put something in the microwave which I don’t use very often and I found her half eaten tea from last week."

The leftover sweet chilli chicken and noodles festered in the kitchen's built-in microwave as it has a blacked-out door, meaning neither of the women could see it.

"She's 19 – I can't really ground her, and I don't want to ground her to be honest, I'd rather she went out," Denise said.

"Since sharing the post I've had no offers."

Liv said: "I saw the Facebook post – she keeps trying to give me away to everyone.

"It's not very fair is it? I've got it too good at home so it's easier to stay."

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