This is so frightening! Two kids were bitten by sharks in Fire Island, off the south shore of Long Island, NY.

OMG! Two kids suffered large fish bites in the waters of Fire Island and the incidents are now being investigated as shark attacks! Lola Pollina, 12, and an unamed 13-year-old boy, were both victims of the attacks, but were swimming in waters several miles apart. Lola was bit by what she describes as a “three to four-foot shark” while she was wading in the waters of a beach known as Sailors Haven on Fire Island. The young boy was boogie boarding in Atlantique, when his leg was punctured by what also appears to be shark teeth.

“Both of these young kids, thank God, are okay,” Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter said at a press conference on Wednesday. While officials have not yet confirmed that these cases were both absolutely shark attacks, a tooth was removed from the boy’s leg to be analyzed, and Lola’s father revealed, “I think it was a shark attack. When I saw the bite, there was a bite on her leg, there was no question what it was.” The 12-year-old added to her father’s statement, saying, “We were at the beach and there wasn’t a tiger or anything.”

However, according to Yahoo News, county officials said that while the bites do look like they are from a shark, there have been no shark sightings so far this summer season. Updating ABC News on the status of Lola following the press conference, the girl’s mother Barbara Pollina revealed, she was “hanging in there – a little overwhelmed right now.” Lola was photographed looking A-Ok after she was treated by first responders and had her leg wrapped. But, the photo of her bloody wound does show deep punctures, like they were made by a shark.

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