A former fire captain in Illinois convicted of drugging and raping a probationary employee in a videotaped attack has been sentenced to 36 years in prison.

David “D.J.” Dunn, a former captain for the Savoy Fire Department, apologized to the 22-year-old male victim during his sentencing hearing in Urbana on Tuesday, saying he would “give anything” to take back the events that took place during a going-away party at his home in April 2017, the News-Gazette reported.

Dunn, 44, was preparing to leave the state to take a job as a fire chief in Alaska prior to the assault, in which prosecutors said he incapacitated the already intoxicated probationary employee with a dose of ketamine, an anesthetic sometimes used to induce loss of consciousness.

Assistant State’s Attorney Troy Lozar said Dunn administered the dose in one of two empty IV bags containing saline solution given to the probationary employee under the guise of preventing a hangover. Dunn also slipped an erectile dysfunction pill into the victim’s drink earlier that evening, Lozar said.

“This was a plunge into one of the darkest crimes a person could commit on another human being,” Lozar said, adding that Dunn even videotaped the sexual assault.

A judge echoed Lozar’s take, calling the attack “reprehensible and horrible” before sentencing Dunn to 36 years in prison: two 15-year terms and a six-year stretch to be served consecutively. Dunn, who was convicted of aggravated criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse, had faced up to 67 years behind bars, according to the newspaper.

Dunn’s attorney, Tom Bruno, said he intends to file a motion asking for the lengthy sentence to be reconsidered.

The victim recalled during his victim impact statement how satisfying he surmised it would’ve been to kill Dunn after being raped by him, but “death is too easy a punishment,” he said.

Instead, the victim said he wouldn’t let shame stop him from seeking justice and sending Dunn to prison for several decades.

“If I wasn’t your first victim, I will be your last,” he told Dunn.

Dunn’s sisters, meanwhile, testified on his behalf, saying the former Boy Scout and altar boy was not known to be a heavy partier. One of the women said she believed Dunn was asexual and was prescribed testosterone two years ago to boost his low levels, leading to physical changes.

“I know that he would never intentionally hurt anyone,” Mindy McNeal testified.

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