Fascinated Mr Fox! Cub gets a ringside seat as two snarling badgers battle it out in amazing night-time footage

  • Rodney Holbrook captured the fight near his home in Severn Beach near Bristol
  • The amateur photographer used a woodland camera to shoot the scene at night
  • A curious fox sat unmoved as the vicious badgers took bites out of each other 

Two badgers engaged in battle while a curious young fox watched on from his ringside seat in this astonishing night-time wildlife video.

The short clip filmed on a hidden woodland camera at night shows the two badgers engaged in a vicious fight near Bristol.

They repeatedly try to bite each other while a fox can be seen clearly in the background calmly looking on.

The scene was captured in an 18-second clip by amateur wildlife photographer Rodney Holbrook near his home at Severn Beach on Monday at 12.20am.

Two badgers engage in a fight as a curious fox watches on in woodland in Severn Beach near Bristol

The badgers viciously attack each other, repeatedly biting one another while the fox calmly looks on

The badgers face off as one pounces on top of the other, while the fox’s eyes glint behind the sparring partners.

They take turns darting towards one another, biting and growling as the calm fox remains unmoved.

After a brief pause where they circle around each other, the pair engage again with vicious intent.

The fox stays deadly still as the final round of battle finishes with a flourish and the badgers sit panting next to each other looking in opposite directions. 

Rodney says the badgers were getting a ‘wee bit boisterous’ in a territorial display to see which was more dominant

Amateur wildlife photographer Rodney Holbrook captured the scene using a woodland camera near his home at Severn Beach

The woodland camera was attached to a tree in the forest near Rodney ‘s home and was used to film the scene at night time

Rodney said: ‘I believe the two badgers where trying to sort out who is the dominant one or possibly, just getting a wee bit boisterous.

‘The fox appears to be waiting for the outcome, with a bit of interest.

‘I was intrigued to see the fox just looking on and wondered what was going through its mind.’

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