The patio at Rocky Mountain Icehouse in downtown Edmonton was full of people on one of the coldest nights of the year.

Temperatures were in the minus thirties on Tuesday night as about 20 people bought a drink and headed out to the patio. All the patrons were attempting to brave the temperatures and try to enjoy a beer or cocktail. Complimentary hot drinks were also available.

The icy evening on the patio has to do with the YEG Polar Patio Club, which was started about two years ago.

“It was my husband Wayne’s idea,” said Rocky Mountain Icehouse co-owner Susan Forsey.

“So he developed a Polar Patio Club and it caught a lot of momentum,” Forsey explained.

“You know what Edmonton’s like — even though it’s cold out, the sun is still shinning. It started out where we just wanted to sit out on the patio and enjoy.

“Two years later, it has become more of a big deal, I think, than it was when it started,” Forsey added.

The club will have two events a month with a goal of having drinks out on the patio on the coldest day of the year.

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