Furious driver parks £63,000 Range Rover Vogue plastered with warnings to would-be customers outside dealership in long-running row over repairs and service

  • Steven Hamilton, 33, from Birmingham, bought three cars from the dealership
  • He claims he had to make a stand against poor customer service of staff there
  • He left his broken Range Rover on their doorstep, ‘wrapped’ in complaints to warn people of their appalling customer service.

A ten-year-long customer at a car dealership left his broken Range Rover in front of dealership after a long running feud over repairs and customer service.

Steven Hamilton, 33, from Aldrige, Birmingham, ‘wrapped’ the vehicle in complaints to warn people of what he described as poor customer service.

He had bought three cars from the dealership 18 months ago, costing around £237,000, one for himself and one for his father-in-law and fiance, after previously buying ten cars from the showroom over ten years. 

Steven Hamilton, 33, from Aldrige, Birmingham, was unhappy with the customer service at the dealership

Steven, who owns an events company, decided to host a protest outside the dealership

But Steven, who has spent over £700,000 at the dealership, now says he has no other choice but to make a stand against the customer service from staff at the Birmingham dealership.

He parked one of his other Range Rover Vogue cars outside the dealership on the verge next to the road, risking a fine or even having his car towed. 

He claims that after seven weeks of the dealership keeping his car in to fix its broken gearbox and suspension, they have refused to give him a deadline for the work to be completed.

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In response, he covered one of his other Range Rovers with messages about the store’s customer service before parking it outside.

He left the Range Rover Vogue outside the forecourt covered in complaints such as ‘DO NOT USE THIS DEALERSHIP’ and ‘TOTALLY INCOMPETENT’ after claiming he had no other choice but to make a stand.

The company have been asked about these complaints but said it would not comment on individual customers complaints.

Steven, who owns an events company, said: ‘I have been a customer there for the past ten years, all the staff from the managers to the service staff know me by name.’

Steven experience multiple issues with the cars he bought from the dealership 

He claims he was forced to take a stand after having his calls ignored by staff

He said: ‘I bought the car from [the dealership] and they had given me a three year warranty.

‘I bought the car for my pregnant wife and as a present for the new baby.’

He claims days after buying the Range Rover there were problems with the engine oil and air bags.

He added: ‘I was on hold on the phone for five and a half hours when I first complained a week and a half ago. 

‘Nothing was being done.

‘So I went to a specialist graphic designer to mark the car with the words I wanted.

‘Then I decided to park it outside the dealership as I thought ‘I’m not going to let this happen to anyone else’.’

‘I’ve since been contacted several times by the dealership. 

‘They’ve even offered me free champagne, but I don’t drink. All I want is for them to fix the car.’ ‘We’re in disputes at the moment. But I have given them the spare key and said ‘bring it into the garage, fix it and drop it back off outside my house’.’

The spokesperson for the dealership said: ‘We do not discuss individual customer cases.’

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