GEORDIE lasses are the UK’s biggest boasters about sex toys, a nationwide survey found.

In Newcastle, 54 per cent regularly chat about the products to their pals and partners.

Those polled had an average of five each — topping a UK table of ten cities.

Liverpool came bottom in the survey with just 39 per cent saying they often talk about their sex toys.

Shopping price comparison site polled 2,000 women.

An Idealo spokeswoman said: “Over nine million British women own a vibrator, with just under nine in ten saying they spent up to £80 on toys for the bedroom.

“One per cent spend more than £650.”

The poll of of 2,000 women found Bristol was the second least prudish with 53per cent happy to talk about the sex toys and women there owning an average of four.

Cardiff took third spot with 50per cent talking openly and also owning four sex toys-a-piece.

Norwich was fourth with a 48per cent sex toy chatitng rate and also owning four sex toys.
Next came Glasgow on 47per cent, Edinburgh on 46per cent, Manchester on 45per cent, London on 42per cent and Birmingham on 41per cent.

All had an average of three sex toys Liverpool came bottom of the poll with only 39per cent admitting to talking openly and women there saying they had an average of two sex toys.

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