GHISLAINE Maxwell's stepkids are reportedly "heartbroken" that their "proxy mother" is in jail over Jeffrey Epstein, says one of her PR representatives.

Brian Basham, a PR executive for Maxwell, said that Maxwell's husband Scott Borgerson and his two kids from a previous marriage were "devastated" as Maxwell, 58, continues to sit in a Brooklyn jail.

"Scott is devastated and so are his children because Ghislaine has been their proxy mother," Basham told the DailyMail.

The kids themselves have tumulted into the public eye, Basham said.

"They had been living in perfect harmony until this broke," Basham said of Maxwell and her stepchildren. "I'm told Scott's kids have had to be taken out of school because of all the attention."

Basham said he's trying to get Maxwell freed, saying he finds her prosecution to be an unfair imprisonment and Maxwell's treatment in jail as inhumane.

"This is evil," Besham said of Maxwell, who was jailed for possibly recruiting children for Epstein and his social circle. "It's like something out of North Korea, not America."

Basham said Maxwell and Borgerson, 44, lived together with Borgerson's 13-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter in a $2.4 million home in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.

Borgerson had his two kids with ex-wife Rebecca, whom he divorced just before moving in with Maxwell. Basham said his kids were shocked to hear claims that Maxwell recruited girls as young as 14 for Epstein.

Victims of Epstein claim Maxwell was the mastermind behind underage orgies.

"There's so many, I don't know where you want me to start," victim Virginia Giuffre said of the girls involved in Epstein's acts, allegedly recruited by Maxwell.

Maxwell is also preparing a $30 million bail package to get free before Christmas, claims a report that came out this week.

The majority of the bail package will come from Borgerson, a wealthy former chief executive of CargoMetrics, a shipping data company.Maxwell's siblings will then come up with $5 million as well.

"It's a lot of money but he's a chief executive of his own company and he's an entrepreneur," Basham said of how Borgerson can come up with the $25 million, "so in that context I can see him having that kind of money."

As part of the package, Maxwell is to also give up her three passports and must stay in home confinement.

Basham said Maxwell didn't originally flee the United States in August 2019 after Epstein was arrested "because she thinks she's innocent."

A federal judge in New York will review the package soon before Maxwell can leave her Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center jail cell.

Still, Basham is trying to remove Borgerson's name removed from the package as he is getting unwanted attention.

"Everybody associated with this is suffering from the lynch mob mentality," Basham said. "They are worried, even frightened. People are worried, they are frightened because of the lynch mob."

Maxwell's lawyers said Maxwell lost at least 20 pounds while in her 9-foot by 7-foot cell. They claim the Federal Bureau of Prisons is trying to make an example out of Maxwell to make up for the fact they did not bring Epstein to justice before his death.

"The Department of Justice is perverting the course of justice," Besham said. "It's outrageous. There is no reason for her to be in prison and in fact there's no reason she should have been arrested."

"The way she is being treated is evil, just evil," Basham continued. "How can you prepare properly for your defense when you are being woken up every 15 minutes with a torch and are sleep deprived," he said, referring to a claim Maxwell's lawyers have made saying she's being woken up by guards to search her room.

After questioning why she wasn't arrested when Epstein was, Besham said it was outrageous she had to procure a $30 million package when "Bernie Madoff was only $10m and he got bail."

Regardless, the British socialite's legal team will head to court "within days" to try and win her freedom with the bail package ahead of her trial next year.

The Daily Telegraph reports Borgerson $25 million security would be seized if Maxwell went on the run.

Maxwell’s family – including her brothers Kevin and Ian – are reported to have agreed to post a further $5m in guarantees.

It's claimed she wants to be bailed under a form of house arrest and will agree to wear an electronic tag. 

The report in the Telegraph appears to confirm for the first time that Maxwell and Borgerson are married.

Mr. Borgerson has denied dating Maxwell, saying repeatedly that they were just “friends.”

The reported bail package is one of the largest in recent memory and dwarves the $1m bail for shamed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

The news comes just days after Maxwell's lawyers claimed she was losing her hair and suffering weight loss after being caged in solitary confinement.

They say Jeffrey Epstein's 'madam' is being subjected to "extraordinarily onerous" treatment while awaiting trial for alleged sex trafficking.

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to the claims against her.

They previously claimed her sleep was being disrupted by flashlight every 15 minutes to check she hadn't tried to commit suicide like the pedo tycoon.

Maxwell’s lawyers detailed her apparent deteriorating health in response to a letter from the federal Bureau of Prisons stating she is treated well at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

“While her weight may currently be fairly consistent, she had lost over 15 pounds, and she is sustaining hair loss,” attorney Bobbi Sternheim wrote to US District Judge Alison Nathan, reported the New York Post.

Maxwell’s meal plan may currently comply with the Bureau of Prison policy, but it did not in the first six weeks of her stay and she has been isolated and denied educational and leisure programs, religious services and movies, her lawyer claimed. 

“It is obvious that Ms. Maxwell is bearing the brunt of BOP incompetence,” Sternheim wrote. 

The detention center has “imposed extraordinarily onerous conditions of constraint on Ms. Maxwell to avoid the catastrophic consequences of negligence occurring at the MCC that resulted in the death of Jeffrey Epstein,” Stermheim alleged. 

Maxwell awaits trial for her alleged role in the sex trafficking operation of convicted sex offender Epstein, who hanged himself inside his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in August 2019.

She was arrested in July on charges that she recruited women and girls as young as 14 years old for Epstein to sexually abuse in the mid-1990s.

Among the most outspoken accusers is Virginia Giuffre, who claims Epstein and Maxwell pimped her out and that she was forced to have sex with Maxwell’s friend Prince Andrew when she was 17 years old in 2001. 

Prince Andrew has vehemently denied these claims. 

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