A 10-year-old girl told her mum to ‘calm down’ as she lay dying in her arms after being shot while going to buy ice cream.

Makiyah Wilson tried to comfort mother Donnetta as she took her final breaths after being gunned down in Washington D.C.

Her mum, Donnetta Wilson, told NBC4: "I held my baby. The whole time she was saying: ‘Mommy calm down. It’s burning.’

"She was trying to get me calm. When she passed and took her last breath she was laying right there in front of her doorway. I saw blood, I saw my baby. I panicked".

Donnetta went on to say that her other daughter, 18, was shot in the arm.

During an interview with Fox 5 News, the devastated mum spoke through tears: "My daughter was only 10, it’s not supposed to be like that. I see this kind of sh*t on the movies, I see it on the TV, I never in my life thought it would be me. My baby can’t live and see her live.

"I want justice for my baby. That’s it."

Police say a black four-door Infiniti Sedan missing its rear bumper, pulled into the courtyard of Clay Terrace Apartments at 8pm on Monday.

Surveillance footage released, showed four passengers getting out of the car and firing several rounds before driving away. The vehicle was later found abandoned in a nearby neighbourhood.

Patrol chief Chanelle Dickerson said: "We are making a lot of progress in this case. We understand the community’s frustration but as a police department we can’t reveal details of the case. Mayor Bowser is committed to removing illegal firearms from the D.C streets.

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"I heard her mother’s cries and as the patrol chief in this district, it’s heartbreaking for me to lose such a young, precious life."

Authorities say the gunmen fired as many as 50 to 70 shots in the courtyard – which had been occupied by around 15 to 20 people at the time.

Mike D’Angelo, Makiyah’s uncle said: "These cowards need to be held accountable for their actions because when you sign up for the streets, this is what happens – they come with certain rules and guidelines.

"Learn the rules and the guidelines of the streets. If you get out here, you see kids, you see parents, you see mothers out here, buck a U-turn and come back if that’s what you got in your heart to do."

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