A DAD has revealed how he got his own back on a PlayStation5 seller after he tried to flog the console for almost double its retail value.

Andrew Tough, from Glasgow, said he was "sick" of opportunists using the high demand to squeeze extra cash out of desperate parents.

So when he spotted the seller flogging the £449 console for an eye-watering £850, he decided to play a trick on him.

The 27-year-old persuaded the scalper to drive half an hour from his home in Paisley to Andrew's work at a building site.

However, when he arrived, Andrew left him dangling for a further 20 minutes before revealing he had no intention of purchasing the expensive item.

Andrew shared screenshots on Twitter on Tuesday showing his conversation with the seller.

They reveal how Andrew managed to persuade the driver to come directly to his work, on the promise of a £900 fee.

Andrew teased: “If you come in the next half hour, I’ll give you £900 that covers your taxi here and back and also the price you’re wanting for it too.”

However, once Andrew spotted the seller's Blue Ford Fiesta he sent a message calling off the deal.

He wrote:  "I can see you, look up at the building site level three. Know what to do now, see you and your wee pals away chug each other off you bumping rat b*****.”

“You clown, trying to charge c**** double the price.”

To which the irritated seller replied: “Hahahaha hope your kids are disappointed at Christmas.”

But Andrew, adding insult to injury simply replied: “They won’t be I’ve got one.”

Speaking today Andrew said: “I was just sick and tired seeing people exploiting people in a time of need, taking advantage because they know there are families out there that will do anything to get there wean a PlayStation for Christmas.

“It’s scummy so I thought I’d prank a few people.”

Andrew also shared the exchange online and said: “Bumping b***** trying to punt PlayStations for double the price, get it up you.”

Social media users were left in stitches by the prank.

Ed Cooper said: “Should’ve kept it going by making it more ridiculous until they click on.

“‘Right keep an eye out for my drone flying towards you with the cash.’”

@Cesca_Marie added: “Brilliant! As my son said he just wants one, doesn’t want to sell it and would be grateful for it, but these people have no grace.

“11-year-old's words say it all! I’m still searching for one for him.”

And Jordan Hughes wrote: "I bet the fella driving that was absolutely raging."

Andrew added: "I had him sitting about for about 20 minutes,“I told him to look up to the third floor where I was standing sticking the finger up to him and I let him know he had been pranked basically.”

“He wasn’t best pleased, I’d say p**** off because he had arranged a lift and drove from Paisley way the intention of collecting £900 £50 more than he’d listed the item"

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