Synchronised steps! Grannies line dance for public on the street to raise awareness for isolation in Glasgow

  • The foursome received a huge applause after their performance on Sunday
  • Aged between 50 and 90, the best friends meet up weekly for dance practice
  • Ann, who filmed the routine, says it was the best performance she has ever seen

This is the hilarious moment four grannies perform a dance routine on a Glasgow street.  

Sadie Henderson, Edith McTear, Flora McFadyen and Sadie McArtan treated passers-by to the impromptu performance in the Merchant City on Sunday afternoon.

Several spectators gathered to watch the ladies strut their stuff and gave them a rapturous applause when they finished. 

They had travelled into town with six friends to see big band sensation TDance on Sunday when they heard a live-band playing in the street and decided to dance along.

The performance was recorded by Ann Lawrance who posted it to her Facebook page where it has since been viewed more than 80,000 times and shared by more than 1000 people.

The three-minute clip which has also attracted comments such as ‘People make Glasgow’ and ‘This is why I love my city’.

The four talented dancers line danced in a Glasgow street to raise awareness for isolation

The four talented dancers, aged between 50-90 years old, are part of a community run group set-up to combat isolation in the Possilpark area.

They meet up in Possilpoint Community Centre for a couple of hours every week to exchange gossip, banter, friendly company and of course for line dancing practice. 

Ann, the project manager of Young Possil Futures who support the group and provide food and supplies at their social events, said: ‘This is the best street performance I’ve ever witnessed and blessed to call them my besties.

‘For most of the group it is a fun way to keep mobile and get soft exercise.

‘They are a very special and we at YPF are blessed to be friends with them.’

Aged between 50 and 90, the best friends meet up weekly for dance practice, gossip and tea

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